Murphy knocks career out of the park to D2 college

Sunny Leach, Staff Intern

Senior Samantha Murphy signed to play softball on a scholarship for Division II Florida Institute of Technology, the latest development in a 12-year career for the Deerfield Beach native.

““I started playing softball because I wanted to play baseball with my brother, so my parents put me in softball instead,” Murphy said.. She’s always had a love for sports in general, not just softball. 

“I’m very passionate about sports… I love being around it- no matter what it is. My brother and I always get into new sports like spikeball and pickleball,” Murphy said. 

The intense sport has taken a toll on Murphy: shoulder pain, back pain, a broken ankle and a torn meniscus. 

“I have had my fair share of injuries,” Murphy said. “Recovering and preventing injuries is definitely a challenge in itself.”

In spite of the injuries, Murphy’s talent often led her to move up in age groups and face older girls. But her family was always close by for support. 

“My dad has always been right by my side in the dugout, and my mom always kept my head straight when things would get stressful,” Murphy said.

Her love for the sport leads her to recommend others follow her path.

“Softball is definitely a great sport for young girls to try,” Murphy said. “It teaches you how to be a good teammate and sportsmanship. It also introduces you to lifelong friends.”