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For the students and teachers of PBHS, who need reliable information, relief from the stresses of school and a sense of unity and inclusion, Tornado Times is a biweekly one-to-four-page PDF newsletter and website connected to social media that will report the news and entertain. Unlike posters and media from other student organizations, our product offers more students a voice and provides reliable, thorough information. By emphasizing coverage of what is happening in the school, considering our duty to readers’ right to know and providing readers what they seem to want, we will promote creativity, respect and trust.

Eye of the storm, voice of the Tornado

Tornado Times is a public forum for student expression. The newspaper staff is responsible for determining what subjects are to be covered and warrant placement in the newspaper.

As a public forum, Tornado Times welcomes letters to the editor and comments on our posts. Letters and comments must be signed. The staff and the school reserves the right to edit letters and comments for poor taste, libel and space.

Advertising rates are available at the Pompano Beach High School e-store. Please contact us if you have any questions. Advertising which promotes illegal products under Florida law, includes false statements or is written in bad taste will not be accepted.

The opinions in this publication are not necessarily those of advertisers, Pompano Beach High School or Broward County Public Schools.

Tornado Times is a member of the Florida Scholastic Press Association.

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