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  • A farewell to Ann Wilson

    By Javier Garcia, Asst. Section Editor Where do I start with Ms. Wilson. I shared a feeling that many students might’ve had with Ms. Wilson, and that was the complete dread [...]
  • No Picture

    AP exams in cramped space

    By Matthew Shanbom, Asst. Section Editor For the Advanced Placement exams this year, many have been moved to larger classroom spaces such as the gym to allow for larger scale [...]
  • May issue almost here

    We plan to deliver Thursday. Read an advanced copy at https://issuu.com/a.shipe/docs/10.7issuu. Let us know what you think: [...]
  • Learning language lacking in the US

    By Delaney Staples, Asst. Section Editor The United States is a country filled with diversity. Its people come from all over the globe, carrying their cultures and languages [...]



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