Seniors out for blood in off-campus game

Sunny Leach, Staff Intern

Senior Assassin is an unofficial, off-campus annual event in which seniors can have an exciting experience challenging their classmates to a sneaky game of friend or foe.

The list of rules is exceedingly long, but in short, it’s a game where seniors and their teams go head to toe in a game of Assassin. 

The rules include: no getting anybody out on school grounds, being safe from elimination with one’s baby doll visibly on one’s person, having one’s Snapchat location on at all times, using a water gun to eliminate assigned combatants and having the shot caught on video. 

The full rules are available at @pnoseniorassassin23 on Instagram through the link located in the bio.

Senior Jordan Nichols is organizing the game this year, setting the theme, maintaining the Instagram page and running it in general. Since hearing about it as a junior, he has looked forward to being a part of it, though he hadn’t thought of being the organizer until presented with the opprotunity. 

“Our class president (Jezenia Marrero) had asked if anyone wanted to run it, so I took the initiative,” Nichols said. “Organizing the game has been pretty fun.”

Senior Ryley Bunn was the first to be assassinated in the game, which began on Feb. 12. He was eliminated while at the pool with his friends, and unfortunately was not able to get any of his targets before he was out. 

“I’ve been looking forward to Senior Assassin since I saw the seniors last year playing it,” Bunn said. “I was definitely disappointed being first eliminated, as I definitely wanted to try and win. Plus, nobody wants to be the first one out.”

Nichols and Bunn each had tips for future classes that might lead to victory.

“Be sneaky and always have your baby, or whatever immunity your class chooses to use,” Nicholas said.

“Always be alert and be careful with who you trust,” Bunn said.

At certain intervals, the game has a “purge day,” on which the baby doll does not provide immunity. Senior Victorianna Murray was eliminated on a purge day by, according to her, friends who betrayed her.

“Stay off snap, trust no one, don’t tell anyone who you have (as your target) even if they swear to form an alliance,” Murray said. “Stay alert, and install ring cameras.”