Let The Games Commence

Jeffery Corvil, Staff Intern

Ace of Spades, written by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, was a great experience to read. It’s about two high schoolers getting chosen by a malicious character to play their treacherous game. With high stakes and unveiled secrets, will these two kids be able to put an end to this game. 

Ace of Spades is definitely a book that people should read once in their lifetime. This book has emotional depth, inspiring reactions like shock and happiness. I liked the story, characters, main protagonists and antagonist, and the overall theme in this book. It deals with how black and lgbtq+ people are treated in the real world, even today. It managed to tackle the more serious topics while including some light-hearted moments. The relationships in this book varied from sweet to heartbreaking, though both are conveyed with perfection. Chiamaka and Devon were characters that I could relate to with some of the experiences that they went through. Their personalities complement each other perfectly despite being complete opposites. Aces, without a doubt, stole the whole book for me. Their motivation to become the main antagonist was convincing and perfectly executed. Lymide made Aces such a compelling villain that I felt like I was in Devon and Chiamaka’s shoes. Aces reveal was unexpected and astonishing. Madison’s library and The Quiet Pond reflect a similar take on the book, saying;

“It is thrilling, twisty and kept me guess right up until the last page… I was on the edge of my seat while reading this and often had my head in my hands and heart in my mouth.”-Madison’s Library 

“Thrilling, shocking, and un-put-downable, Ace of Spades is an explosive debut and will be instant favorites everywhere. Ace of Spades is going to be the next big book, and it absolutely deserves to be.”-The Quiet Pond 

This is an incredible book that I could read over and over again.