8 students attend Egypt’s International Summit


Avery Picchiarini, Staff Intern

After being a guest several times at this school’s International Summit, New Generation International Schools in Cairo, Egypt hosted The International Summit 2023 May 11-19, inviting eight students from this school as its guests: seniors Samantha Mills, Lorelei Bennett, Christian Briceno, Clayshawn Brown and Kaitlyn Drew; junior Bryce Hardin; and sophomores Skylar Picchiarini and Nicholas DeFaria. 

Mills helped produce a video through her Digital Video Production class that presented a day in the life of a PBHS student. 

“I was very surprised as I didn’t even know that there was going to be a trip to Egypt,” Brown said.

Magnet coordinator Arif Mumtaz informed the students and then chaperoned the trip to Egypt.

“I didn’t believe it at first and I thought Mr. Mumtaz was playing with me, but I was very excited because we are not big travelers, so I really was excited to go out and see the world,” Briceno said.

Although most of the students had not traveled much internationally, they still looked forward to the trip and performing a line dance at the cultural showcase. 

“I don’t believe I will be homesick,” Mills said. “I think it will be so much fun that the time will pass quickly and I’ll be home soon.” 

“I feel very comfortable knowing that it’s only ten days and that I know the people I’m going with,” Picchiarini said.

Everyone is excited for different things during the summit . 

“I am most excited for being able to attend school there,” Bennett said. “They operate on a four-day school week due to religious reasons, and I am very interested to see how their classrooms function in comparison to ours.” 

There are also things that people are less excited for during the summit. 

“I’m least excited for the heat,” Brown said. 

“I am nervous to try different foods because I’m not sure if I will like it or not,” Picchiarini said.