SGA Campaign; The Rundown

Cali Jade Berrios, Junior Editor

By Cali Jade Berrios, Junior Editor


Ayla Friedman, running for SGA President

“A lot of my life over the past couple years has involved me working my way up and proving my dedication to this club and my school,” says Friedman. Friedman currently serves as Executive Board Historian for SGA. 

Friedman firmly believes in creating bonds with students. “The only way these students will remember you is if you create a personal experience with them,” Friedman said. 

Friedman cares about the meaningful experiences created in high school that you will take through life. “In a few years from now, you won’t remember every grammatical error, every math lesson, or English assignment, you will remember every homecoming, every football game and every tailgate.”


Hayley Schneider, running for SGA President

“Because of my involvement in SGA for multiple years, I have adopted a passion and love for the club,” Schneider said. Schneider is currently the class of 2024 Treasurer. She won first place for the Car Smash fundraiser.

Her involvement led her to opportunities she will use to be a successful president for SGA. “I have had so many opportunities with SGA and I have learned what it means to be a leader and how to improve my leadership skills,” Schneider claims.

She believes every single student at PBHS should be included in all of these crucial high school events that SGA works so hard to put on.


Lucilda Hodge, running for SGA President

Hodge is the Treasurer of the Women’s Empowerment Club, she has also volunteered at churches and been a youth leader at a bible school. Hodge aspires to incorporate what students want in every event by asking and creating strategies to improve communication with the student body. “You should vote for me if you want someone that genuinely cares about the opinion of the student body,” Hodge said.


Cristina Castresana, running for Human Relations Secretary

Castresana has had a genuine experience with SGA and plans on using her knowledge to better the SGA environment. “It is so much more than something to put on your college applications, it is something I care about, it is where I made so many friends and it is the place where I plan on making our school the best it can be,” Castresana said. 

If elected, she plans on using strategies to promote peer feedback so the students can have what they want. “I care about every single student at this school and I genuinely want this school to be more inclusive,” Castresana exclaims.


Mia Campbell, running for Human Relations Secretary

Campbell is the IOC (Inter-Organization of Clubs) secretary, and her group leader in mentors.

Campbell believes a Suggestion Box will improve events and communication with students. “At the end of the day, it is the students that are participating in these events, and I believe making a Suggestion Box will better our tailgates, spirit weeks, pep rallies as well as other festivities.”

Campbell has lots of experience hearing students’ concerns because of her position in the IOC. Students should expect a Black History Month and Women’s History Month spirit week if elected.
She plans to overall better school spirit. “Even though Pompano is known as a rigorous, strict school, we can still amp up our school spirit and make people enjoy the school environment.”


Talia Lillico, running for First Vice president 

Lillico is an outgoing, talkative, and social person who loves meeting new people. She believes she has the organization skills and the motivation needed to fill this position. “I have been paying attention to the current 1st Vice President and everything she does so I know what I need to do if I am elected to fill her place next year,” Lillico said. 

In SGA, grading and keeping track of paperwork has always been a hassle. Lillico believes she can improve SGA’s in-class disorganization issues.


Jayden Blowe, running for First Vice President

“I would love to be a part of making the upcoming school year better and enjoyable for everyone,” Blowe said. Students should expect new games for lunches, activities for school, and ways to make next year more memorable if Blowe is elected. 

Blowe wants students to be able to come to her with issues, concerns, and ideas. “I plan to have students speak on what they feel should happen or would like to see happen for the school, making it for everyone to enjoy,” Blowe said.


Derek Ponto, running for Treasurer

“Prior experience working under the current treasurer and helping with hosting fundraisers has taught me many things I can use to be a better class treasurer for next year,” says Ponto. Ponto is the current Class of 2025 Treasurer and has successfully ran fundraisers that has highly benefited his class. He believes he can further improve his strategies he is using for fundraisers, events, festivities, and more. “My goal is to host at least two fundraisers a month,” Ponto says.

Ponto has learned valuable lessons while being the Treasurer this year. “We started selling homecoming tickets later than we should have, and that was hectic,” Ponto explains. “I plan on learning from my mistakes and improving the organization needed to make these events successful.” 


Sebastian Garcia, running for Treasurer

Garcia is involved in the BPA (Business Professionals of America) club where he received third place in Banking and Finance in regionals and moved on to the state level where he achieved fourth in Banking and Finance. Garcia has experience in scheduling fundraisers while working directly with the current Treasurer.

 “My financial experience has taught me the knowledge that is needed to exceed the expectations required in this position,” Garcia said. If his funding abilities are successful, he plans to lower costs in future fundraisers.  His determination will help him achieve his goals. “I want next year to be the most profitable year in SGA history,” Garcia said.


Isadora Santa Lucia, running for Treasurer

“I know how everything works and what can and needs to be changed and how I can do it,” Santa Lucia says. Her goal is to fundraise as much as possible while including the student body as much as she can.

“I have observed how officers have planned events and I have come up with strategies that can improve organization and make things run smoother,” Santa Lucia said. She is determined to do the best she can and hopes that she can make a change that will all in all benefit the school.


Samaya Berkeley, running for Internal Secretary

“Being in SGA for four years has really contributed to my personal growth,” says Berkeley. Berkeley has built relationships that will help her in this position. “I have worked underneath the current internal secretary which has helped me build connections and learn what I can do better as I hope to achieve this position next year,” Berkeley said. If elected, next year students should expect quicker outcomes because things that are done currently are outdated and can be further improved. 


Brianna Ramac, running for 2nd Vice President

Ramac is the current Human Relations Secretary and the President of the IOC. She believes she is dedicated, responsible, and dependable. “I plan on helping the admin and teachers as well as other clubs,” Ramac said.