Grammys review: Popular artists deserve more

Brody McClaine, Staff Intern

The Grammys, which took place on Feb. 5, left many viewers with mixed emotions. 

The music awards program already had a reputation of snubbing deserving artists, and this year, it lived up to that. Singers like Beyonce and Taylor Swift didn’t get the awards that most people were expecting them to get. The night was pretty disappointing overall.

Performance-wise, the show was pretty exciting. Performers like Bad Bunny, Harry Styles and Lizzo all performed throughout the night, and hip hop artists,  like Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and Big Boi, all sang a tribute in celebration to 50 years of hip-hop. The only major disappointment was the surprise performance, which the producers had promised the public and never happened. 

Most of the disappointment came from the awards. Singer Bonnie Raitt won Song of the Year for her song “Just Like That,” which was a surprise to most. Most people, including me, expected Swift’s “All Too Well” to win the award since this was her sixth time being nominated and she still hasn’t won. 

Another huge shock was Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” winning album of the year. Styles is a deserving artist, but most people expected Beyonce’s “RENAISSANCE” to win the award. Similar to Swift, Beyonce has been nominated for this award four times, and still hasn’t won, even if she was the clear choice. 

It seems that the Grammys are nominating popular artists to boost viewership, but are not giving them the awards that they deserve.

Every year the conversation of the Grammys’ authenticity is brought up. They have even earned the nickname, “Scammys.” Even though watching the performances is exciting, the Grammys need to start giving awards to deserving artists.