College Fair shows opportunities to juniors

Amir Vaelizadeh, Staff Intern

Colleges from all over the United States visited the media center March 8 to motivate and persuade students before they reach college application season with different pathways and career opportunities . Florida State University, Ohio State, Penn State and the University of Florida were among those ach schools with their own tables, decorated it to represent their logos and colors. Students discussed different career options and academic paths with the representatives. Junior Omri Shoshan even changed his mind about what college he thought he would go to.

 “I originally really wanted to go to Florida State University, but after speaking with some of the University of Florida’s college admission counselors, I think my heart is pretty set on UF,” Shoshan said.

College also highlighted athletic opportunities. University of Florida displayed a number of awards and pictures of their seven-time Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, Katie Ledecky. 

“Being a swimmer myself I found it very fascinating and intriguing of how good the team there is,” junior Joseph Campanella said. “It is definitely the place that I would like to go to pursue swimming.”