USA tops 19 countries as students’ World Cup favorite

Tanner Block, Sports Editor

It was World Cup season last month, and people all around the school were watching very closely. Since the World Cup was hosted in Qatar, the games had to be hosted in November and December due to the desert heat. As such, students around the globe were able to watch the cup while school was in session. For four weeks, students were able to discuss and watch the World Cup games in school.

Since this school is so diverse school with many students coming from different backgrounds, many students cheered for different teams. Tornado Times interviewed 67 people to see which team they were cheering for.

The most popular was the home team USA with 12 votes. 

The second most popular team was Brazil with nine votes. This makes sense as northeast Broward County is one of the biggest havens for Brazillians in South Florida and in the world. 

The third most popular team was the winners, Argentina, with eight votes. Although some people who were cheering for Argentina were from Argentina, some other people had different reasons. 

“It’s (Lionel) Messi’s last world cup and I really want him to win it,” sophomore Luis De Hoyos  said. “He’s been playing for so long and he deserves to win one.” He was also cheering for Croatia to win as well if Messi’s team were eliminated before the final.

Portugal received only two goals despite having one of the most iconic players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Other votes included France (6 votes), Mexico (6), Morocco (3), Spain (3), Croatia (3), Senegal (2), Canada (2), England (2) South Korea (2), Costa Rica (2), Ecuador (1), Switzerland (1), Serbia (1), Uruguay (1) and Japan (1).

The wide range of choices that were selected shows the diversity in the people who come to this school, with almost 19 different countries chosen. Another notable piece of information is that some big teams did not feature in the world cup, such as Italy and Colombia. There could have been even more countries that people were rooting for this year if some of those countries were in the cup.

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