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SGA committees prep for Hoco

Tanner Block, Sports Editor

A big event like Homecoming needs a lot of planning and hard work, but for the Student Government Association and its adviser, Lisa Gould, that work is almost done. Gould, to prepare for Homecoming.

“Meeting all the deadlines is the toughest thing to do during homecoming for sure,” Gould said. “Getting all the checks and all the things paid for is important.  Also getting everything done in time: the decorations, and all the planning and getting everything ordered.”

Gould delegated the work to specific SGA committees.

“At the beginning of the year, we have specific committees for Homecoming, such as the dance, the tailgate committee, the pep rally committee.” Gould said, “Each student signs onto a different committee and they work on their committees throughout the Homecoming cycle.”

Student work on their committees during their leadership class, after school and on Fridays to make the final event as great as possible. Even with committees, the work is still so enormous that Homecoming can require every student’s best efforts to succeed.

This year’s Homecoming is the first one in three years not affected by COVID-19 in its preparations or eventual execution.

“We really want to make sure, being that this is the first year back from normalcy, that the students of Pompano Beach have a lot of school spirit and enjoy their high school experience,” Gould said.

SGA members find Homecoming especially memorable for their parts in creating it.

“I really like to look back and admire the work we do at the dance,” junior Brooke Brigman  said. “The feeling of ‘Look at the banners I painted’ or ‘Look at how much fun the students are having’ really make the work worth it.”

Working on the dance is never a dull moment. And also never a hungry moment. Visitors to the SGA classroom can typically expect to find large bags of Chick-Fil-A scattered all across the classroom, although that wasn’t always the case.

“Chipotle used to be the number 1 order for the students,’ Gould said, “But the orders have dropped a little bit. That and Zona Fresca, that used to be ordered more.”

Homecoming tickets are still available for purchase for $62.50 through the Broward schools e-store.