A Tenure of Great Effect

Marrero starts 3rd year as class prez


Jezenia Marrero smiles at the camera

Brian Tang, Web Editor

Senior Jezenia Marrero is returning for her third year as the Class of 2023’s president, with her magnum opus taking charge of Grad Bash and prom.

“I wanted to be the voice of the school,” Marrero said. “Becoming the class president was a good way to support the school.”

Marrero uses her position to levy the voices of the students and get face to face with the administration on events and issues. Acting as a mediator, she creates compromises between the desires of the student body and the demands of the administration, allowing for the creation of events like the painting of the senior parking spots.

“We had to work hard to get the proposals done because they hadn’t done it in a while,” Marrero said.

Marrero’s goal for the year is to foster the senior class spirit and create experiences for them to look back on. Therefore, she is bringing back all the events that the class has yet to experience due to the pandemic.

“Planning has been really fun with hearing what our officers and people want,” Marrero said. “I’m excited for all of that to turn out and have all the hard work pay off.”

Marrero participates in other extracurricular activities when she’s not planning and executing events for the student body. She has participated in SGA for three years and played lacrosse for two years. Additionally, Marrero is the treasurer for the Make Our School Safe club, Hope club and peer counseling.

With the plethora of extracurriculars along with being the senior class president, Marrero has gained many beneficial skills in patience and collaboration, critical in the multitude of positions she’s in.

“My position as president has definitely influenced my time management and setting priorities,” Marrero said. “I also gained experience with many different types of people and taking on big projects.”

Marrero plans to major in communications when she reaches college. Her dream is to be a sports reporter because of her interest in college football and the collaborative aspect of journalism.

“My top three colleges would be University of Georgia, Ohio State and UF,” Marrero said. “I just really see myself as a sports reporter and I really like all things about it, like being on camera.”

Overall, Marrero enjoys the experience school has given her along with what it can give to other students who participate like she has.

“If I have any advice, it’s definitely to help out.” Marrero said. “For other student presidents, it’s definitely good to always rely on your advisor and the office because they’re there for you.”