Wrestlers prepare for 2023

Coby Barbarosh, Photo Editor

Juniors Dennis Johnson and Lucas Hartman were trying for months to start a wrestling team. The only thing stopping them was the lack of a coach, which is needed to make a team official and allow it to compete with other schools. On Dec. 8, Johnson and Hartman reported that they found a coach

“We have a two-time state champion coming around to coach,” Johnson said. “I don’t know if I can name drop right now, but he’s going through the whole fingerprinting process. After that he’ll be able to be cleared to come here and work with us.” 

Due to not signing up in time for the winter season, the team is only a club right now. However, it will begin official competition against other schools next school year.

“Technically, because we didn’t register in time we’re a club, but we’re going to be a sport,” Johnson said. “We’re going to be official. So all we have to do is register with the FHSAA in February and it will be confirmed.” 

Johnson and Hartman are recruiting interested students and training hard, meeting after school almost every day at the field to work on cardio.