Girls hoops seek to play fast

Mayra Sanchez, Junior Sports Editor

Girls basketball head coach Alex Jenkins plans to teach the team valuable lessons this season as well as lead them to victory. 

“Some of these girls did not come skilled,” Jenkins said. “They came with a mind to play, so we had to do a little bit more.”

To increase interest in the team, Jenkins plans a style of play he described as “fast, exciting.”

“Getting people to get support that helps us gets the message out so that people can know, ‘Hey, there’s a winning girls basketball team in Pompano.’” Jenkins said. 

Jenkins said he wants the team to play more as a unit this year and finish games.

“We could go in the third quarter leading by 23 and lose, so I think the main thing is finish games and do that by unselfish play and being more attentive to coaching players, to be able to win,” Jenkins said.

The first game will start at 6 pm 11/15 at Piper high school and their first home game will start at 7pm 11/28 against Monarch high school.

“The chemistry between the team is good, we are getting better as the season goes on with working together,” junior point guard Judaiah Elam said.