Gordon looks to improve security

Brooke Butler, News/Opinion Editor

Assistant Principal Derek Gordon reviewed school security as the calendar year headed toward its end.  

“The biggest security issues this year have been with the threats (from early October),” Gordon said. “Luckily they weren’t credible and likely just foolish students trying to disrupt the school day.” 

Besides handling bigger security issues, Gordon said smaller goals will be implemented within this school year or the next.  Gordon shared one security procedure he felt was most important to students. 

“We’re working on training students to know where to go in the event of a lockdown if they aren’t in a classroom,” Gordon said. 

Students in the cafeteria or courtyard during lunch, for example, can go to the loading dock or media center. Other designated safe spaces outside the classroom include the gym and auditorium. 

Both Gordon and head of security, Medford McLemore emphasized the importance of student participation in security. 

“Students should always take an active role in security,” McLemore said. “Not everything may manifest into a security concern, but given all the events that have taken place, look at how many times we failed to report something only to go back later and say all the signs were there.”

Security asks that if students see something, say something. Cooperation with both students and staff helps to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.