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Brooke Butler

Brooke Butler, News Editor

Butler did It

Junior editor rides her determination to achieve her goal

By Brody McClaine, Staff Intern

Junior Brooke Butler is gearing up for an important year, taking three AP classes while serving as a Section Editor for the student newspaper, volunteering at her local elementary school, and keeping up with her hobbies: drawing and horseback riding.  

“My greatest strength is my determination,” Butler said. “I’ll always do my best with school and in my personal life. I think it’s a strength to care about what you’re doing, no matter what it is.” 

Butler loves to horseback ride because she loves to work with animals.

“Horses all have their own personality and it’s just nice to be able to work with them,” Butler said.

Butler’s determination has already paid off in her life.

“I’m really proud of doing well on the PSATs last year,” Butler said. “I’m also getting better at driving now that I have my license.”

Even though Brooke seems quiet, she will step up and take charge whenever she finds it necessary. 

“I always think before I act, which is not something many people do.” Butler said. 

She wants everyone to know that she is determined to do her best and be patient.

“I’m trying to branch out more. I tend to stay with my small group of friends, but I want to start talking to other people too.”

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