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Brody McClaine

Brody McClaine, Staff Intern

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Freshman designs for presentation excellence

By Brooke Butler, News Editor

Freshman Brody McClaine aims to improve his design skills.

McClaine admits that he does not have much prior experience in publications but is eager to start. 

“I've written a lot for school but not much outside of that,” McClaine said. “I’m going to do my best.”

McClaine does, however, offer design experience. 

“I like to take the time to make my presentations look nice,” McClaine said. 

Spending free time on Pinterest and Netflix has helped him develop a better sense of finding the appropriate aesthetic for a given subject. McClaine enjoys reading in addition to watching TV. 

“My favorite genres are probably romance and fiction,” McClaine said. "I like reading because it’s like an escape from reality.” 

McClaine is taking French 1, Algebra 2, and AP Human Geography this year, and is willing to put in the effort. 

“I’m going to work hard; I'm not lazy,” McClaine said.

While school is important to McClaine, quiet time also has its place. 

“My favorite place is probably my room,” McClaine said. “It’s where I can relax the most; I don’t have to try.”

McClaine has two goldendoodles at home. 

“I love to spend time with my two dogs whenever I can,” McClaine said. “They’re so cute and loving.”

Listening to music, watching TV, and reading are McClaine's favorite hobbies. 

“I'll sometimes just use it as a distraction or just a way to calm myself down,” McClaine said.

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Brody McClain, Staff Intern
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