Social media threats investigated

Brooke Butler, News/Opinion Editor

An image of a death threat written in the girl’s first floor bathroom by the cafeteria has been circulating on social media, posted by a student after discovering it Tuesday, Oct. 11. 

Amid the concern from parents and students, Principal Lisa Spencer sent out an email informing families of the situation. 

“While there is no indication at this time that this threat is credible, we take all threats seriously as safety is our highest priority,” the email stated. 

She encouraged parents to reach out with any further questions by calling the school during regular hours at 754-322-2000. 

Assistant Principal Derek Gordon stated that the threat was found to be not credible.  

“We checked the security cameras outside of the bathroom to identify a few different possible students,” Gordon said. “Unfortunately, none of them saw anything.” 

School security, county officers and sheriffs, along with other divisions of police, investigated the threat and confirmed it wasn’t credible.  

“We increased security in the meantime it was investigated,” Gordon added. “It’s better to be more on the side of too much security than too little.”  

Gordon encourages students to speak up if they ever see or hear anything that may be a risk to the school’s safety. 

“Oftentimes you guys are the best source of information,” he said. “If you are ever unsure about something, tell a teacher or any other trusted adult.” 

Updated Nov. 9.