Math dept. adds after-school tutoring

Sunny Leach, Staff Intern

Free tutoring is available for students who need help with math. Math teacher Gary Clayton is among many other teachers that help students daily with any math issues.

“Students come to tutoring if they need clarification on the subject or if they need to advance themselves on the content,” Clayton said.

Clayton tutors three days a week, every week, Monday through Wednesday.

“Thursdays I will send the kids to another classroom since I leave early,” said Clayton. “In room 333 (Clayton’s room), or sometimes they go to room 330 (teacher Edward Knote) or room 325 (teacher Nikki Pizzano).”

Math teacher and testing coordinator Karin Picchiarini encourages students to do well in math.

“We’re here to help them prepare for college, and they have several opportunities to gain math college credit,” Picchiarini said.

Picchiarini also recommended math department chair Marvalee Fisher as a dependable source for math help and the Student Support Academy on Fridays as a resource for further practice and help.

Students can contact Clayton, Picchiarini, and other teachers through Canvas and sign up for peer tutoring using the NHS app.