Freshmen join swim team

Jorge Lopez, Staff Intern

Freshmen Amir Vaelizadeh and Nikki Wood joined the swim team, excited to continue their five-year competitive careers.

“I feel very confident in myself and in my team, we have worked very hard, and I think it will show today” Vaelizadeh said. 

The two swimmers have very different pre-race routines. Wood pictures herself swimming in the race before even getting in the water, while Vaelizadeh prepares for a race by stretching and pre-game warmups. 

“It really helps take tension off your muscles and get you ready, ” Vaelizadeh said.

At the swim meet on Sept. 8, Vaelizadeh dropped 2.67 seconds in his 50 free race. Still, both swimmers see room for improvement.

“I could have gotten ready and in the mindset a little earlier,” Vaelizadeh said “I can start off faster instead of saving myself for the end so much,” Wood said.

Wood said that she wants to make regionals and states, while Vaelizadeh’s goals are even more long term.

“Honestly, I am not going to say I am going professional in swimming, but swimming has definitely taught me stuff and I would love to swim in college, but after that it will just have been something I was committed to as a young adult,” he said.