Soph breaks javelin record

Sophomore Amethyst Folk-Arnaud broke the school girls’ javelin record with a throw of 24.75 meters on March 7. This record was held by alumnus Mya Brown. 

“I had an idea that I did it, but I wasn’t really sure until I saw a post from my track team’s school page on Instagram, and I was really happy about that.” Folk-Arnaud said. 

Folk-Arnaud participates in two spring sports simultaneously: track and softball. 

“I do two days of track and two days I go to softball,” she said. “For school I get everything done in class, obviously I do sports after school because school always comes first.” 

Folk-Arnaud said she will spend the next two years trying to break her own record.

“I feel like I could definitely do more, and I will do more,” she said. 

Having been a beginner once, Folk-Arnaud knows the importance of working hard. 

“If there’s anything on your mind that you would wanna do, do it,” she said. “Don’t be scared of doing it. I, if there’s anyone that tells you that you can’t, then you just have to believe in yourself and do it. 

“I’m doing two sports and multiple people told me that I probably couldn’t do it and I just had the mindset that I could and now I’m having fun with it.”