International Summit returns Jan. 19-28

International Summit returns Jan. 19-28

Cali Jade Berrios, Junior News Editor

The biennial International Summit returns to school Jan. 19-28, bringing over 100 students and their teachers from around the world to this school to collaborate and interact for one week. 

World language teacher Stephen Horton said the closest experience he had as a student to the International Summit occurred when he was an exchange student in college.

 “I was immersed in Spain’s language and culture,” Horton said. “It was so much easier to pick-up Spanish than just taking courses.” 

To help raise the $60,000 the event will cost, the school has developed three fundraisers. For the Vertical Raise Fundraiser,all eighth period classes compete to raise the most money. The top two will receive a special class prize. The top 10 individual students will be given a free ticket to the Winter Around the World Dance on Dec. 15. All funds must be collected by Dec. 14.  

“If an opportunity is presented to you that allows you to experience the world, take it,” Horton said. 

The dance, which does not require formal dress, is the second fundraiser for the summit. Tickets are $30, and food and refreshments will be available for purchase. 

The third fundraiser is selling tickets to theMiami Heat game on Jan. 22 for $22. The international visitors will also be in attendance. 

Students and staff from 17 different countries and schools will start arriving Thursday, Jan. 19 and staying until Jan. 28. Visitors will be introduced during a welcome ceremony Monday, Jan. 23. E next day, the visiting students will present what it is like in their home country, the school system, and more. Then, on Jan. 25-26, visiting students will do cultural performances. 

“Students get to learn about 17 different countries, what it is like to live in those countries, and make life-long friendships and connections around the world,” assistant principal and summit director Jill Samaroo said. “I am grateful to have the satisfaction of seeing the life-changing experiences of students and faculty.”