Harvest Drive begins collection


C. J. Berrios, Assistant Editor

Clubs and organizations are collecting non-perishable foods and toiletries for the Harvest Drive through Nov. 14, for distribution to needy families on Nov. 16.

 “Currently, we are working on advertising and collecting goods for distribution,” student government president Ally Vagelos said. “We are also working closely with Publix to collect the most non-perishable goods we can to help families in need.”

The non-perishable foods collected include jelly, pancake mix, syrup and Thanksgiving foods such as gravy, stuffing and yams. 

Although many schools participate, organizations such as churches, private schools, civic organizations, police departments, and fire departments have participated in the Harvest Drive since it started 30 years agoCountry Isles Elementary in Weston.

“With 190 schools participating, we have grown to aid 2,400 families each Thanksgiving,” program director Amy Freund said. 

Harvest Drive now has three pantries in Broward County where social workers regularly collect emergency food bags for families in need. 

With 13 school-based distribution sites, including Pompano Beach High School, Harvest Drive plans to ensure that all partaking families receive 6-10 bags of groceries to fulfill their Thanksgiving meal. 

Freund believes that all participants are considered hunger heroes. 

“The main goal is for everyone to be able to say that it’s okay to need help sometimes, and it’s okay to be the one who helps,” she said.

SGA, JROTC and Inter-Organization Council work together to collect, sort and bag groceries in the gym, where social workers pick them up and bring them to underprivileged families. “As selfish as people are now, it’s amazing to see people come together,” activities director Rojesterman Farris said.