Hurricane Ian shuts schools


The National Hurricane Center predicts a 40% of flash flooding in Broward County due to Hurricane Ian.

Cali Jade Berrios, Staff Intern

As Hurricane Ian rapidly moved toward South Florida, Broward County Public Schools superintendent Vickie L. Cartwright sent out an alert canceling after school activities Tuesday and canceling school Wednesday and Thursday.

“I’m concerned about my power going off,” freshman Laura Ribeiro said. “I won’t be able to cook food and my fridge won’t be able to provide water… I am afraid of the trees collapsing on my house, but what I am most afraid of is my home being destroyed.”

Freshman Grayson Kitts was less concerned about the storm.

“I don’t think Hurricane Ian is as much of a concern to Pompano as it is to somewhere like Tampa,” he said. “I don’t think (Hurricane Ian) will jeopardize my safety much.”

Cartwright recommended residents use the storm resource center on the Broward schools website for updated information.

Cartwright said the district will also be providing more updates and alerts through Twitter and Facebook about schools on Friday.

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