New goals, new mindset, new ideas

Incoming principal plans to improve school ideals


Brody Berrios

Ms. Spencer welcomes the incoming freshmen during their invasion as the new principal

Brody Berrios

After 26 years in education, 19 in leadership, Lisa Spencer is the school’s new “proud principal.”

“I believe I have built the strength to be the leader this school needs,” Spencer said. 

Before becoming principal, Spencer was the assistant principal at West Broward High School in Pembroke Pines. She joined this school in 2018 and served as previous principal Hudson Thomas’ intern so she could prepare to build her own program. 

Since Spencer started as principal, she has incorporated her new improvement plans into a number of programs such as dual enrollment and many new Pre-AP classes. 

“Research suggests that students who enroll in Pre-AP classes tend to succeed more in college and the work force,” Spencer said. 

Now with the resources, Spencer plans to make the school day better for not just the teachers but the students as well. 

“One thing I admire about Ms. Spencer is how she takes action and is ready for anything and everything that is thrown at her,” junior Omri Shoshan said. 

He added that Spencer is “always willing to help” students in and out of school with school or non-school related problems. 

“My job is to make sure everything in the building is running smoothly, that my teachers are supported, and they have the tools to teach and build the skills for the students to prepare for graduation and success for post-graduation,” Spencer said. She seeks to provide a safe and structured learning environment because her goal is to make every student succeed. 

Spencer also plans to sustain the success Thomas built for the school and ultimately bring in new innovative ideas and continue to evolve as a community. 

“I want us to be the investment of choice, I want the community to know what we’re doing so that they can support us and want to be a part of this, so everybody can say I want a student that graduated from this school to be a part of my program or be a part of my company because I know that they received a high-quality education,” Spencer said.

“I think my favorite part about being a principal is the little successes and the little wins that really helped me continue to do I love and push to make this school the best school it can be,” Spencer said.