Interact Club helps with service hours

Mayra Sanchez, Junior Sports Editor

To help students gain the 40 hours of volunteer service needed to graduate, the Interact club develops activities throughout the year.

“We advertise to non-profit organizations to our members to get them more involved,” junior Omri Shoshan, president of the club, said.

The club’s goal this year is to get back on pre-COVID activities and grow the amount of people involved in projects. 

“There are many ways in the club in which you can give back, so there’s always something members would like doing,” Shoshan said. 

Math teacher Karin Picchiarini, the faculty adviser for the organization, which is sponsored by Rotary International, said the club should be a stepping stone for community service between school and adulthood. 

“It’s supposed to be a fun life lesson for the kids, not a job to only get hours for school,” Picchiarini said.

The club’s meetings take place on every second and fourth Wednesday of the month in room 332. Club members engage in activities such as the Harvest Drive, beach cleanups, and help in pet shelters. 

For more information about Interact, anyone can visit their Instagram @pbhs.interact.