Chorus, band plan performances through February

Regan Dorval, Junior News Editor

Although both chorus and band have been limited to after school programs, that has not stopped them, and they are organizing upcoming performances, at the Magnet Open House on Dec. 14, at the International Summit in January, and at a folk festival at Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in Davie in February, according to music director Anthony Alfano..

Chorus and band are still allowing new people to join and are hoping to get more participation. Both practice in the music room, with chorus on Tuesday and band on Thursday, both from 4 to 6 p.m.

“I think ultimately (the number of students participating) is where the weakness of the full time program lies, and that’s why we’re doing it after school, to rebuild, “ Alfano said. “We would like it to become a full time program next year, where we’ll offer not only chorus and band but perhaps even orchestra, maybe even like a rock band thing, or guitar.”

Freshman Elyssa James is part of chorus and encouraged more people to join. 

“Music truly is a universal language,” James said. “Everyone from all over can come and sing and dance no matter race, gender, or ethnicity. That’s the true beauty of music.”