Clubs get slice of profits with bus loop sales 

Emi Yoshiue, Staff Intern

Different clubs and committees have been selling pizza at the school’s bus loop to raise money. 

“Every week there’s like a new club selling pizza,” junior Zoe McMahon said. “Whichever club is going to sell the pizza for that week post it on their Instagram pages to let the people know.” 

Every club charges the same price: $2 per slice. 

“It’s not that expensive and even if it  was, it’s fine because the money’s going to a club,” McMahon said. 

The latest committee was the Class of 2024 from Oct. 31-Nov. 3. 

The Class of 2023 will be selling slices the week of Nov. 14-17. This is the last scheduled sale of the calendar year, so clubs that want to sell in December should see activities director Rojesterman Farris for a project approval form.