Holiday Spirit Week offers more dress-up days

Brody McClaine and Emi Yoshiue

Leading up to the winter formal, SGA organized a holiday spirit week as a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Many students dressed up in holiday themed outfits to celebrate the Holiday season. 

“I had so much fun during spirit week, and I love how the school does fun things like this,” freshman Bjorn Berger said.

 A majority of the students said they liked Wednesday’s Winter White-out.

“It was the easiest for me to participate in,” freshman Laura Ribeiro said. 

Monday’s theme was, “Surfer vs. Skier,” Tuesday’s was ”Sweater Weather” and Thursday’s was “Holiday Movie Character Day.” The student government also planned activities during A and B lunches, including Car Smash, Face Paint and Christmas Karaoke.

“I had so much fun participating in all the fun activities at lunch,” freshman Ariel Rothenburg said. “My favorite part was getting my face painted by other students.”