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Baseball team beats Chaminade-Madonna

By Sam Rosser, Sports Editor

The boys varsity baseball team beat Chaminade-Madonna 5-0 on April 19. .

Trevor Kniskern and Chase Costello, juniors, combined for nine strikeouts, allowing only two hits all game.

Kniskern batted in three runs with a walk and sacrifice fly.

Three games remain in the team’s regular season:

April 20 at Westminster

April 25 at South Broward

April 26 at home vs. Deerfield

The team clinched first place in the district and will be playing for the championship 7 p.m., May 4 at North Broward Prep.

Posted April 25.

Varsity softball gears up for districts

By Jessica Buchanan, News Editor

Varsity softball season is nearing its end and the girls are preparing for the district championship against Coral Springs Charter on Wednesday..

According to Coach John McGuire, by putting forth “maximum effort” the team is hoping to succeed.

Its record is currently 13-6 and the Lady Tornadoes are ranked ninthin Florida in the 5A division.

Sophomore Claire Finzel is new to the varsity team this year and is looking forward to districts.

“I’m really excited for myself and my team for having an excellent season and I can’t wait to see what happens going forward,” Finzel said.

One of the teams’ fierce competitors for the state championship title is Coral Springs Charter, which is ranked number one in the state.

“[Coral Springs Charter] has won states the last two years and will be the biggest challenge,” Coach McGuire said.

The championship will be at 6 p.m., Wednesday, at Betty Stradling Park in Coral Springs.

Posted April 25.


Finazzo blocks against Deerfield Beach


Girls water polo goalkeeper Samantha Finazzo blocks the goal. The team lost to Deerfield Beach 12-5 on Mar. 1. Photo by Alexandra Griffin

Boys soccer scores, reaches goals

By Alexandra Griffin, Managing Editor

Boys soccer ended its season on Jan. 24 with an overall record of 4-15-1 and a district record of 3-6-1.

Coach Tyler Townsend and captains Conner Stuart, Carlos Ocampo and Paul Garrick led the team through challenges, including playing private schools like American Heritage who can sign student-athletes from all over the county. .

Players Nicolas Gil and Conner Stuart said the team’s highlights included the 2-1 victory against Hallandale on Dec. 13, a near draw on Dec. 8 against Heritage, the Dec. 15 victory against Stranahan and the Dec. 6 home game against Coconut Creek, winning 4-0.
“The highlight of my season was having gotten hit in the head, getting staples and the team still winning 4-0,” senior Conner Stuart said.

Posted March 8.

Boys boot Stranahan

By Sam Rosser, Sports Editor

The boys soccer team beat Stranahan 2-1 on Jan. 10, scoring twice in the second half to overcome a one-goal deficit.  

Senior Paul Gerrick, top goal scorer, and junior Gabriel Frabetti each logged a goal and an assist apiece.
The victory raised the team’s record to 4-10.

Posted Feb. 8

Girls soccer eliminated from district playoffs

By Sam Rosser, Sports Editor

The girls varsity soccer team lost to Pines Charter on Jan. 17, 5-0.

The team had lost 8-0 in both its regular season games to Pines Charter.

The Tornadoes finished its season 12-8-1, with a third-place 6-4 district record.  There is a lot of young talent on the team, including freshman Allison Cuneen and sophomore Claire Ries, sophomore and captain.

Posted Feb. 8

Girls basketball team makes slam dunk

By Jamie Black, Business Manager

Eight games into the girls basketball season, the team has already won four games.

“Our group goals this year are to work harder and play better than last season,” sophomore Francesca Reyes said.

Last season the team only won four games, so statistically the team is already ahead of last season.

After a 42-27 defeat against Taravella on Nov. 30, the team was left with a 4-4 record.

“I think our team did really good this past game against Taravella, even though we lost,” Reyes said. “We played hard together and we executed our plays very well. Our coach called this last game a ‘good loss’ because although we lost, we played with our hearts and didn’t give up.”

JV Lady Tornadoes boot Bucks, Colts

By Jamie Black, Business Manager

The JV girls soccer team beat Coral Springs 3-0 on Dec. 3. The goals were scored by freshman Ally Pelkey, freshman Ellie Ryan and freshman Lorraine Angelakos.

The team also beat Deerfield 1-0 Nov. 19.

The goal on Nov. 19 was scored by freshman Eva Raynor, who described the moment as “an amazing feeling, and it gives me hope that we can win more games.”

Posted: Dec. 8

Nagy’s next play: tackling retirement

By Jamie Black, Business Manager

After four years of coaching football here, Coach Nagy announced his retirement as the head football coach.

This season the team had a 2-8 record, which left the team ranked eighth in the Gold Coast Football Standings, but he continued even when the team was faced with losses.

In order to overcome challenges, Coach Nagy said he always stressed how the team would “work hard and play as a team,” and that his goal was to always “play each game with 110 percent.”

His players attest to that.

“(Coach Nagy) always told us to fight and never give up no matter what it was,” linebacker Brian Campbell said. “He loved the game.’”

Regarding his reason for retiring, Coach Nagy said, “It was just time,” and “I did all I could in coaching.”

Posted: Dec. 8

Boys’ varsity soccer triumphs

By Sam Rosser, Sports Editor

The boys’ varsity soccer team beat Miramar 4-0 in the team’s first win of the season. Paul Gerrick and Gabriel Frabretti both scored two goals a peice. Carlos Ocampo assisted three times in the team’s first clean sheet of the season.

“If [the team] continues to play like this, we have serious potential,” said Tyler Townsend, head coach.

Posted Dec. 6

Boys’ soccer takes a loss to Piper

By Sam Rosser,Sports Editor

On Monday, the varsity boys soccer lost 4-2 to Piper in an intense game.

Many players described the referee as “trash” and were outraged at the poor refereeing. On more than one instance, the referee let play go on after the whistle had been blown.

Head Coach Tyler Townsend received a yellow card for extensive arguing with the referee. Junior Carlos Ocampo had a penalty saved. Junior Gabe Fabretti scored a goal from a throw-in from junior Nicolas Gil.

Girls varsity soccer team triumphs

By Jessica Buchanan, News Editor

The girls varsity soccer team beat Northeast 8-0 on Nov. 2.

Samantha Baron, center back, scored an Olympic goal by scoring directly from a corner kick.

“The team worked really well to get the win with such a young team,” Baron, junior and captain, said.

Another key player is sophomore Claire Ries, who scored three of the eight goals.

Ries felt the team “worked really well together” and believed it is going to be a great season.

The next home game will be Nov. 17  against Hallandale at 7 p.m.

Posted: Nov. 11

New JV coach prepares boys for basketball

By La’Nyah Russell, Staff Intern

Varsity coach Alex Jenkins and new JV coach Jamesey Stone are preparing for
the upcoming basketball season in November, with new players, new plans, and a new outlook on the season.

“You have to be a good loser to be a good winner,” Coach Jenkins said.

After last year’s records of 9-13 for varsity, and 4-10 for JV, the coaches and the players are determined to bring that record up this year with hard work, sweat, and willpower. To help the team prepare for this rigorous season, Coach Jenkins and Coach Stone have been running open gyms and extra practices to help the players improve on their shooting, dribbling, endurance, jumping, and much more.

“Practice makes perfect, so keep pushing,” Jonathan Zouari said.

Coach Stone, has been a coach for a little over 10 years, and says he is ready to help the boys basketball team improve in any way possible.

“It’s achievable for the JV team to be undefeated if they really work for it,” Coach Stone said.

Sophomore Cedrick Camper said the team needs one more thing besides hard work to meet its goals.

“More support from the students and fans,” Camper said.

Robert Suggs, who is moving up to varsity from JV, plans to be in “beast mode” with an attitude of “Go hard or Go home.”

Posted: Oct. 30


Graphic by Simon Ho

Posted: Dec. 1

Girls varsity volleyball gets win

By Jessica Buchanan, News Editor

The girls varsity volleyball team beat Stranahan in straight sets 25-3, 25-0and 25-9 at its last home game on Sept. 8.

Sophomore Natalia Pico scored two of the three set winning points.
Captains Amy Godfrey and Katie Maleta encouraged their team members by yelling pointers throughout the whole game on and off the court

“The girls work as hard as they can and do the best with what they have,” Mr. Pico, head coach of the girl’s varsity volleyball team, said.

Posted: Sept. 28

Wilhoite races to third


Senior Race Wilhoite maintains a significant lead over the two Cardinal Gibbons swimmers in the boys 200-meter individual medley. Wilhoite finished third following two other Pompano swimmers. Photo by Alexandra Griffin

Posted: Sept. 21

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