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President Parker plans for future

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By Chloe Powell, News Editor

Senior Emma Parker is looking to leave her legacy through leadership positions such as president of Film and Tech Association, vice president of Brain Brawl and editor in chief of Tornado Times newspaper.

“I like to be involved in school, and I enjoy the clubs and organizations that I am participating in,” Parker said. “I am an overachiever, which can be both a strength and a weakness.”

Parker enjoys photography and film. She received many awards for the photos she took at conferences such as the annual Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) convention and was selected for the Culpepper Journalism Foundation Fellowship award which she would later receive. Parker also enjoys traveling and hopes it will be a part of her life in the future.

“I hope to incorporate travel and people somewhere in my future,” Parker said. “I also love photography and film and hope to work as a multimedia director.”

A few adjectives that describe Parker are hardworking, passionate and funny. She puts a lot of effort into everything she does, and she is a team player who makes sure everyone knows what to do and how to do it as described by her fellow classmates. 

“I try my best to be the best leader I can be, by demonstrating my dedication and passion for each project that I take on”, Parker said.

Silva Moves Forward

KeanuBy Brian Tang, Opinion Editor

Junior Keanu Silva, originally born in Caracas, Venezuela, returns to school with a fresh start though plagued with problems. 

“I feel good coming back from online honestly,” Silva said. “After so many months in front of a screen, my head just couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Silva prefers schools face to face as it’s more enjoyable and facilitates better communication and learning. He does lament how he used to wake up later for school and how homework was easier online.

“I did miss on was getting hands-on with more equipment and getting taught all the stuff instead of teaching it to myself,” Silva said. “On that note, I did have time to go out and basically focus more on my film career as I got time to write my movie.”

Silva used to play esports competitively, but no longer as he found his true calling at school, film production. Currently, Silva is producing his own movie, “The Wonders of Living.”

“It wasn’t until I met Ms. Donnelly, Dr. Shipe, and Mr. Nagy that I realized that I like telling a story,” Silva said.

Over the summer, Silva traveled all over the country researching and helping to produce films, including his own.

“I got to go to California with some friends where we had tours of production companies,” Silva said. “I got to go on a trip around some places this summer where I got to experience what it was like to film, direct, and shoot films.”

Due to classes being full, Silva wasn’t able to take digital video production. Silva wasn’t able to get the class freshman and sophomore year either. To make up and move past obstacles, Silva is joining the Film and Tech club to remedy his situation and move forward in his drive to learn about film.

“I took Digital Video 1 sophomore year and apparently I’ll take Digital Video 2 and 3 next year, and of course it’s a setback,” Silva said. “But I’ll work as hard as possible to do all the work I can do and hopefully not fall behind.”

Powell takes on the world


By Emma Parker, Editor in Chief

Sophomore Chloe Powell is taking on the new school year with determination. Though in-person learning isn’t new for Powell, as she had gone on-campus last year, this year is very different socially.

Powell, who also participates in video production, is the Tornado Times News Editor this year.

“My sister was in the newspaper, and she told me how fun it was to be part of a team and working with Dr.Shipe and I wanted to be a part of that too,” Powell said.

Powell also loves to travel and has already traveled to Brazil, Jamaica and Canada. She hopes to continue traveling and exploring different countries once it is safe to do so. Not only does she want to travel for fun in the future, but she also wants to incorporate that passion into her future career as a travel journalist.

“A big reason why I wanted to go to Pompano was because it values travel and communications,” Powell said.

Mills balances inner peace and student life

IMG_8658 (1)By Alisha Durosier, Student Life Editor 

After experiencing her freshman year of high school remotely, sophomore Shanyeri Mills prefers to keep busy during this upcoming school year. 

“I’m in cheerleading, Key Club, Digital Video and Tech Club and the Humane Society club,” Mills said. 

This year, Mills added her participation in the student newspaper to the list, taking on the role of the Sports Editor.

“I really like this job,” Mills said. “ I am very passionate about sports, and I enjoy watching and reviewing them.” Mills also anticipates participating in lacrosse this upcoming spring. 

Mills’ involvement in school extracurriculars has aided in her adjustment to on-campus life. 

“The people and staff here are really nice which makes the place welcoming,” Mills said. 

In the midst of all her activities, along with the academic objective of being a straight A student, Mills simply wants to acquire inner peace. 

“My personal goals are to be happy and remain at peace with myself,” Mills said. 

Achieving inner peace is something Mills has become passionate about.

“Having a good peaceful day can really be the best thing,” Mills said. “This is something I would like to have forever.”

Berrios brings fields together


By Tanner Block, Web Editor

Sophomore Brody Berrios is a golfer, a hard worker and a journalist. Brody has been playing for the school golf team since he was a freshman.

“Brody has some work to do but he’s working hard to be the best player he can be,” golf coach Richard Campbell said. 

Berrios described his main influence as his parents, pushing him to do better and to always strive to do his best. 

Over the summer Berrios had a job bussing tables at local Italian restaurant Galuppi’s. 

For eight years Berrios lived in California before he  moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2014. Moving to a new school and having to make new friends was a struggle for Berrios. 

“I have one younger sister and that can be a handful”, Berrios said. “It’s tough having to care and provide for her.” 

Berrios is also the photo editor for the student newspaper. 

“I’ve always wanted to be a reporter when I grow up,” said Berrios. 

Berrios would like to combine his reporting skills with his well-versed knowledge of baseball for his career.

“My dream is to be an announcer for the LA Dodgers,” Berrios said. “Taking this journalism class will help me get there.”

Berrios’s family is his biggest supporter and they support him through his ups and downs. 

“I know what I have to do and I know I can do it,” Berrios said.

Durosier takes on a senior year

By Shanyeri Mills, Sports Editor  IMG_8652

Alisha Durosier is a senior at Pompano Beach High School. She says that so far, her school year is “exhausting”. During online school it was easier for Durosier because classes could be mobile and flexible with her day. Now, with in person school, at the end of the day it leaves her feeling like she worked a 9 to 5 job. Being a senior is important to her because she has been waiting for this moment for a long time. She describes these recent moments as feeling “surreal” but is grateful that she gets to spend it in person instead of online.

Durosier’s biggest influence is her family, especially her older siblings and cousins. Durosier just wants to make them proud. Durosier also believes that being exposed to social media also inspire her to achieve the most, she can. Durosier fills her time watching tv shows, writing reviews, and frequently using social media.

Durosier’s biggest goal right now is to get into college. Durosier’s decision day will remove a huge weight off her shoulders because getting into college is weighting heavy on her. Finishing this year strong and maintaining her good grades are also goals she has. Her biggest long-term goal for herself is becoming the best version of herself she can be. Durosier feels that when she can be the most unapologetic version of herself that she will be at true peace.

Block’s attention to detail

TannerBy Brody Berrios, Photo Editor

Tanner Block is focused on bringing new concepts and idea to the PBHS newspaper and online social media sites. He strives for excellence and quality in his work and will fine tune something that does not meet his standard. 

“I really am a perfectionist” Tanner said, “I want to strive to improve the newspaper while making sure the quality doesn’t falter”

Tanner’s attention to detail comes from his experience on being the web editor on his middle school newspaper, a job in which success was demanded from everybody in the staff.

While he wasn’t able to finish the newspaper due to covid, he was able to publish multiple quality articles to the school website and checked sure that every article and picture on the web was clean and concise.

“My teacher wanted us to make sure we all did everything excellent and to the standards that a real life newspaper would require.” Tanner said.

Tanner’s personal life is also a big part of how he manages the newspaper as a web editor. 

“I have three younger siblings and two dogs,” Tanner said, “There is a lot of hard work taking care of everybody while getting my schoolwork done, but I manage to find a way.”

Tanner wants to not only make sure everything in the present is perfect, but he wants to make sure the future is perfect too. “It’s tough meeting the standards of the newspaper, but I will try my best to do so.” Tanner said

Target locked, Tang sets for success

IMG_8678By Keanu Silva, Managing Editor

Most people join PBHS because they see the top school mark, but junior Brian Tang, Opinion Editor, had a better motive.  After being in the Montessori program, where you have the same classmates for the three years of middle school, Tang saw difficulty in the interactions he had to make to succeed. 

“It was hard to get to know people, but the best part of being in Pompano is having to interact with friends and progress in school”, Tang said.

With all the difficulties that come with the magnet high school experience, Tang has set to fully graduate ready to get into his dream schools. 

“MIT is my dream school, but my more obvious school is University of Miami,” Tang said.  

To achieve his success he has come a long way, having to interact like never before and having to work hard to get scholarships and study in the data and internet technician fields.

Tang hopes to become managing editor of the Tornado Times to “help design a new format and make a mark in the newspaper,” as he was recommended by a friend and seeks to fully use his social skills and better his knowledge while leaving his mark not only in school but also the students through the newspaper.

Updated: Sept. 21, 2021

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