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Buchanan Shoots for the Stars BuchJ

By Delaney Staples, Asst. Color Pages Editor      

Jessica Buchanan is ready for the stress that comes with being editor in chief of her student newspaper. She is used to having a lot of responsibility.

Born in New Jersey, Buchanan was raised in a family of four in South Florida. She has a mom, a dad, an older sister and a dog named Mako, all with bright futures and successful occupations, with the exception of the quadruped.

She is a part of the dual enrollment program, so she has a very different class-to-class schedule. Jessica takes eight whole classes, two at Broward College and six at PBHS: AP Literature, AP Calculus, Data Modelling, AP physics 2, TA, Journalism 4, Statistics, and US Government (the latter two at BC). She does not come into the school itself until 9 a.m., although sometimes she does come at 7 a.m. for National Honor Society, for which she is president..

Juggling eight classes, three clubs that she is the head of, and having a life outside of it all has been one of the toughest challenges for her.

“When you wanna hang out with your friends on the weekend and you have two jobs, it’s very hard to juggle everything altogether,” she admits.

She struggles with keeping everything separate and keeping track of the times because everything just feels crowded. Dealing with the large amounts of stress and plans was definitely one of the hardest things she had to do. Despite the pressure however, Buchanan was able to persevere and now begins her final year of high school.

Looking into the future, Buchanan is planning to go to college out of state to get a degree in engineering. While she is applying to several schools, her first choice is MIT. She is very interested in computers and the countless opportunities they can lead to.

“When you are an engineer and you get the curriculum that they teach you, you can really do any job or any task that is given to you,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan does not want to be unprepared for her future. She wants to be able to keep her options open. Some of the careers she mentioned being interested in included government, security, software and business.

“So, engineering gives you that ability. It teaches you how to run a business almost, it teaches you what you need to produce in order to make your business successful and it gives you a lot of opportunities,” Buchanan said. Everything in today’s world relies heavily upon technology, and she is very aware of this. She strives to make it so she will be free to choose what she wants to do in her life.

Even with all her work and extracurricular activities, Jessica still manages a good social life.  

Although she is friendly with most anyone, she has one primary friend group with nine people, each of whom is extremely important to her. She has known them since the beginning of sophomore year and been friends with them ever since. Out of that group, she has at least two very close friends. All of them are supportive and have helped her through some dark times, and they are all very unique people she says.

“I mean, you look at my friend group and you would think they would never ever be friends, and we’re the closest friends that you have ever seen,” Buchanan says in earnest. She loves the diversity in the group and in any place. It is one of the reasons she likes the school so much.

Jessica Buchanan is a very hard-working individual as can be gathered from everything she is involved in and doing. She is very adept, determined, and a well-rounded individual.

As editor-in-chief of the newspaper, president of the National Honors Society, and a high school senior, Jessica has a lot on her plate. But she’s prepared to make it work.


SchaL.jpgSchatten looks forward to leadership

By Matthew Shanbom, Assistant News Editor

Alexis Schatten is the 2018-19 managing editor of the Tornado Times newspaper. She was born in Florida with a dream of writing.

“I’m a pretty shy person,” Schatten admitted.

She has overcome her shyness to go out into to the field and interview sources proving she can be this year’s managing editor.

“I like writing and wanted to be a writer since I was eight”, Schatten said.

Ever since childhood Schatten has enjoyed writing. Ever since she joined the tornado times in her freshman year she has been passionate about writing news articles. Schatten started off last year writing news articles and has transitioned into writing reviews.

In the future Schatten would like to attend New York University and study journalism.

“I would like to write for a magazine,” said Schatten. Specifically, Schatten stated she would like to write for a music magazine including having the responsibility of interviewing musicians.

However, in order to reach these dreams Schatten must first handle the task of being this year’s managing editor followed by next year’s editor in chief.

“I’m looking forward to having more responsibilities,” Schatten said.

The newspaper’s website, which includes the online editions of The Tornado Times, has been slightly underused and Lexi would like to try to publish more stories on there.

“I’m looking forward to using the website more this year,” Schatten said.



Brown living the senior life, ‘finally’

By Sergio Javier Garcia, Assistant Gray Page Editor

Jordan Brown is determined to get to the top and enjoy her final year at high school, regardless of her and her parents’ circumstances.

“Both my parents grew up, not ideally, I would say,” Brown said. “And they have pushed me my whole life to be beyond the mark they left.”

She even thinks her parents spoiled her slightly by always making sure their child has had everything she would ever want, unlike their childhood where her mother had to start working at the age of 14. This has caused Brown to not have a job or anything like that as her parents give her everything a job offers, which Brown doesn’t like all too much as she wants to be a little independent coming up to college and breaking off to start the journey into adulthood.

“My parents decided that their children will have everything they want,” Brown said. “So when I go and ask them to go get a job they’re like, ‘Why do you need a job we can give you whatever you need. You don’t need to be working,’ which I see where they are coming from but I just wish I could get started on the whole independent thing.”

With no job to take up time, Brown has been involved with several extracurricular activities to delve into her hobbies. She has been the president of Improv Club, and used to do marching band and dancing.

“I can sing, and like to do it,” Brown said. “But i can not stand being asked to on the spot. When people ask me it just feels weird and singing is just something that I do for me, not for others to hear but just myself.”

Brown has been doing all of this and is a thriving student here with classes like AP English Literature and AP Statistics, and serving as editor of the color pages for the newspaper.

Brown sees her biggest accomplishment in life as “rising past my circumstances” and showing anybody can get where they want in life.

“Even just living in not the best of neighborhoods, people are usually like, ‘You live there?!’” Brown said. “It’s funny, you know, just getting to where I am regardless of everything.”



Superhero Charlotte Hood gets it done

By Madison Tappa, Assistant Web/Business Editor

Senior Charlotte Hood is happy to be the  News/Opinion/Life/Entertainment/Sports editor for the Tornado Times, even though at first Hood was not beyond thrilled to be in the journalism class.

“Journalism was not my first choice,” Hood said. “In fact it was about my fourth alternate so I was not excited, but then I began to realize I kinda began to like it.” She had realized that she had found a class she could look forward to out of all of her AP classes.

Hood is now taking four AP classes. In her junior year she had taken five but had realized that she wanted more breathing room this year. She is currently enrolled in AP English Literature, AP Calculus, AP Psychology and AP U. S. Government.

Although Hood has lots going on, she still makes time for hobbies, such as her favorite, drawing.

“I mostly focus on anatomy and sometimes flowers,” Hood said. She also likes to focus on clothing when it comes to drawing.

When asked what makes her different from everyone else in the newspaper class, Hood answered, “I’m the tallest person in the class besides Jordan Brown.”

The Deerfield Beach native definitely misses her after-school clubs.

“I just don’t have the time anymore but for the two years I was at improv, I got my time in,” Hood said.

With four AP classes, taking on newspaper and still having time to dedicate to her hobbies, it’s no wonder why Hood doesn’t have much time for her after-school clubs anymore, but she has no regrets because she knows it will all benefit her in the future.



Powell prowls to success

By Kayla Gayle, Asst. Section Editor

Senior Emily Powell is a hard-working and dedicated journalist. Even as a cheerleader she still finds time to write articles for our newspaper.

“I’m a cheerleader and I feel like that’s good because I kind of keep in touch with a lot of sports and that can help out with sport articles that we can write in the future. And you know people, cheerleaders try to be friends with everybody… well at least I do,” Powell said.

Powell is passionate about writing and hopes to build a career in journalism. She was first introduced to journalism in fifth grade at JA BizTown.

“I got put into the Sun-Sentinel as editor and I really liked that, so I wanted to continue doing it in high school and beyond,” Powell said. “My happiest moment is probably when I walked into the Sun Sentinel at JA BizTown, believe it or not. I walked in there and I was like ‘I’m home.’”

Powell is most proud about getting back into journalism. She once lost interest in the subject but Dr. Shipe, the newspaper adviser, had restored her love for writing.

“I’ve learned a lot from him, and I’m still learning a lot from him, and I’m definitely going to keep in touch with him whenever I go to college and start my journalism career,” Powell said.

Becoming a travel journalist is a goal Powell is interested in achieving. She aims to travel to every state in America and then out of the country.

“I wouldn’t mind going to different places and like taking pictures and writing about my experiences,” Powell said. “It’d be kind of fun, especially for me.”

Powell normally travels with the people who have made the greatest influences on her life, her parents.

“They’ve always believed in me. Whenever I tell them ‘I can’t’ they always come up with a counter as to why I can. They’re very supportive of me,” Powell said.

Powell has one main goal: She wishes to inform the public about important matters.

“I like to inform people, so I want to inform people as much as I can about anything,” Powell said. “I don’t care what, just give me something to tell people about.”



Danu dives into senior year

By Andra Danu, Asst. Section Editor

Vice President of Quill and Scroll National Honor Society, Historian of SeaPerch, and dedicated member of Environmental Club are just a few of many achievements that returning newspaper student Andra Danu has.

Danu was born in Romania and moved to the United States when she was just three years old with her immediate family.

“Even though being away from the majority of my family members still gets hard from time to time, I am grateful that my parents decided to give me an opportunity at having a better future,” Danu said.

By taking difficult classes such as AP English Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science and AP Statistics her senior year, Danu has proved that she is taking advantage of the education that her parents traveled across an ocean for.

Danu showed an interest in Journalism when her mother showed her how to use a professional Canon camera. “I became fascinated with how photographs are able to capture important moments in one’s life after seeing all the photographs that my mother took of me as a child,” Danu said.

Over the summer, Danu participated in an internship at the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Environmental Resource Management Department. A reporter from The Seminole Tribune wrote an article about the work that Danu had to do in the fields.

“This experience was valuable because it showed me that being a newspaper journalist does not mean that I have to be confined in an office setting, and can pursue one of my other passions, the environment, at the same time,” Danu said.

From having a summer job to taking many rigorous courses and participating in numerous clubs, senior Andra Danu is living life to the fullest.



Latchana locked in on improving writing

By Eduardo Andrade, Asst. Editor

Senior Julia Latchana won’t let her busy schedule get in the way of her dreams.

Latchana has a passion for creative writing, and her poem “Mark of Heroes” has already been published in the America Library of Poetry. Another poem, “Through the Cracks,” in the process of being published.

Despite these accomplishments, Latchana isn’t satisfied with her writing.

“I regret not writing more,” Latchana said. “The one thing I really wanted to do I didn’t get to do.”

Latchana struggled to find time to write after several close family members faced serious medical issues, but now she is determined to improve her writing.

On top of her writing, Latchana is also president of Desi Club, the Indian culture club, and vice president of Environmental Club.

Latchana also makes sure to keep busy during the summer, completing 100 and 150 volunteer hours in the summers before and after ninth grade, respectively. She also took three dual enrolment classes online over this past summer.

Latchana was born in New York and moved to Florida at a young age. Her strong connection to Indian culture stems from her family’s roots in Guyana.

In five years Latchana hopes she’ll be in medical school studying for her dream job as a forensic anthropologist, possibly minoring in journalism.



Staples conquers being well-rounded

By Jessica Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief

Delaney Staples is a 10th grader who works hard to incorporate both athletic, academic and social activities into her daily schedule.

She has decided to join the Tornado Times staff this year as one of the assistant color page editors.

Staples became compelled to join Newspaper class when she saw it as a “nice family with unity and common interests.”

Staples is also involved in many extracurricular activities such as soccer, writing and working out; however, she views herself as a more academically inclined person.

“I put a lot of pride into my education,” Staples said.

She is a family girl at heart though and enjoys spending time with her two siblings, nine-year-old Jackson and 11-year-old Brianna.

“I’m the oldest so I have to watch over them a lot and help them with whatever they need,” Staples said.

Staples also looks to her parents as mentors in her daily life.

“They’re both very interesting people who have come from hard times and have worked really hard to give me a good life,” Staples said.

After graduating, Staples would like to go on to major in English and become an author writing fiction and non-fiction books.

“Being an author is my dream,” Staples said.



Andrade strives to affect humanity

By Julia Latchana, Asst. Color Section Editor

While sophomore Eduardo Andrade does not have an exact career in mind, he does have a goal: improve the world.

“I want to do something related to science and stuff like that, maybe like genetic engineering,” Andrade said. “Why? I feel like it’s the best way we can directly affect humanity.”

Andrade was born in Maceió, Brazil, where Andrade’s father worked in politics. The family moved to Pompano Beach due to the country’s rough political climate and corruption to seek a better life.

“One of their friends called them and was like, ‘Hey, I’m living in America; here’s an opportunity for you guys to come,’ and they were like, “Alright.’” Andrade said. “They jumped at it and they just wanted a better life for me and my brother.”

Andrade’s parents and brother have influenced him the most. The major reason he decided to take the journalism course was because his father wanted to be a journalist when he was younger, so he decided to take the course to see if he would like it. However, the course has helped Andrade prepare for a career in science.

“It’s something I need to be better at, just getting comfortable talking to other people and communication cause that’s obviously a big part of science,” Andrade said. “It’s really important to gain grants and stuff by talking to people.”

Andrade hopes to improve his writing, interviewing skills, and become a more well-rounded person.

“It’s the best way we can directly affect humanity,” Andrade said. “We can make food better, we can make people better, we can make animals better.”



Garcia lives American dream

By Jordan Brown, Color Pages Editor

Sergio Garcia is currently breaking all the stereotypes established by every high school movie ever, and he’s just a sophomore.

While he’s involved in sports like football and baseball, he also excels in classes like Chemistry and Pre-calculus, therefore proving that he can enjoy the best of both worlds. He also wants to join more academic clubs like Student Government and National Honor Society to round himself out for colleges.

“I joined Journalism because I feel like I can connect with everybody, the academic side of the school and then the athletic ‘jock’ side of the school,” Garcia said.

Garcia was born in Cuba and moved to America with his mom when he was just four years old, and it was here where his mom met his (ex) step-dad.

“The person who’s had the greatest influence on me would definitely be my stepfather, Garcia said. “He was one of the first people we (my mom and I) met when we came to America. He’s shaped my entire being and I wouldn’t be here without him.”

He takes everything pretty seriously and believes that college is 100 percent mandatory, wanting to be a medical examiner or something else in the medical field. However, he also knows how to have fun. His hobbies include football, baseball, video games and fishing. Garcia thinks that he’s very reserved around strangers but a funny and outgoing person around people he knows and cares about.

“I’m a pretty focused person, and I put 110 percent effort in everything I do, but as soon as 3:15 hits, I leave everything school-related behind,” Garcia said.

Garcia considers himself to be a hard worker, to the point where he overworks himself.

“I want to achieve everything I want in life and to put myself where I wish to be, where I think I deserve to be.”



Future NYU student brings love for reading, writing, music, Jamaica to staff

By Emily Powell, Web and Business Editor

New staff member, sophomore Kayla Gayle, already has experience bringing just the right techniques to the group.

“I’m a social media manager for my aunt,” Gayle said. “I know what people want demographic-wise, which I would say is a skill I bring to this newspaper.”

Gayle’s love for reading and writing only add on to the list of skills brought to this newspaper. Alongside from reading and writing, Gayle shares a love for music and was born in Jamaica, making her stand out from every other staff member in the room.

“Music is everything,” Gayle said. “I was also born in Jamaica, and not many people that say they’re Jamaican are actually born there.”

Because of Gayle’s interest in other people, journalism has always been a career path she’s been willing to take when the time comes. A college Gayle has been looking at the most is New York University.

“I’m hoping to be in NYU majoring in journalism or something involving literature,” Gayle said. “In the future, I see myself as an author, editor, or journalist of some kind.”

Gayle also battles with social anxiety, making it difficult to participate in everyday activities. However, she mentions that she is learning to control it and that the most important lesson she’s learned throughout her battle is to be yourself.

“Sometimes it’s hard not to put on a facade when you’re around new people, but it’s better to be true to yourself no matter what,” Gayle said.



Shanbom not letting time slip through his fingers

By Alexis Schatten, Managing Editor

Sophomore Matthew Shanbom took journalism on a whim last year after being told that it was an interesting class, and he says that doing so has changed his high school experience for the better.

“(Taking journalism) has allowed me to discover the different activities that are offered around school,” Shanbom said. “I get to learn about clubs that I have never heard of.”

Of the different school activities that Shanbom has heard of through journalism and around school, Brain Bowl and Quill & Scroll have managed to catch his attention last year and he’s looking forward to joining the clubs once meetings start this fall.

“I want to join Quill and Scroll because it brings journalism into a club and Brain Bowl because I enjoy trivia and knowledge,” Shanbom said.

Trivia and knowledge are one of Shanbom’s strong suits. He spends a lot of time reading and watching the news, and learning more about various topics that interest him, and he believes this will come in handy in his time on the newspaper staff.

“I know a lot about different subjects and what’s going on in the news,” Shanbom said. “I enjoy knowing what’s going on and figuring out stories and just writing it out.”

Shanbom considers himself to be a jack of all trades, but his real interest lies in computer science. As well as taking all the standard classes for a sophomore at Pompano, he’s taking AP Computer Science and plans on majoring in computer science when he goes to college.

“I like seeing the new technology come out and seeing how the world is innovating,” Shanbom said.

While Shanbom likes to wait and watch for new technology to come out, that’s about all he has time to wait for. Shanbom has a busy schedule this year, but that’s not going to stop him from giving everything he does his all and trying his best to manage his time better than previous years.

“My dad has had a great influence on me,” Shanbom said. “He makes me someone who wants to follow up with things, want to be proud of what I’m working on and put effort in.”


Smiling senior takes the stage: Student takes on drama and journalism

By Charlotte Hood, News Editor

Behind every smile lies a story, and behind a particularly bright one lies a story that is just as dazzling. Senior Madison Tappa is notorious for her bubbly, upbeat demeanor and a grin that never seems to leave her face despite her rigorous academic and extra-curricular schedules.

Though her responsibilities, which include holding leadership positions in both newspaper and Improv Club, consume much of her free time, her passions for them make them all the more enjoyable for her.

“I feel like I have a really creative mind and … when I write I can release the creative flow,” Tappa said.

Of her many pursuits, Tappa is particularly fond of the performing arts, choosing to take two years of drama along with participating in various clubs associated with such practices.

“I’ve always had a passion for theatre,” Tappa said. “High school….was when it really allowed me to be able to join a theatre program.

Combining both her love of the theatre and writing, Tappa was able to produce her own screenplay, “Written in the Stars,” a tale of teenage struggles with school as well as personal obstacles, which will be performed by the Thespian Society in their annual competition this year.

“I’ve really wanted to see my plays in production and now I finally get to have that dream come true,” Tappa said.

With her talents in such a wide array of subjects and, evidently, her impressive time management skills, Tappa hopes to become a productive member of the newspaper staff for her senior year. She aims to spend the time bonding with the like-minded individuals in the class and further improving her writing.

“I’m really thrilled about coming into newspaper this year… and as an aspiring writer, I’m excited to improve my skills through his class,” Tappa said.

Updated Sept. 17, 2018

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