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Color Wars Gallery


  1. Seniors Gabriel Esperon, Nelson Suarez, Marian Larsen, Kristian Santiago and Brandon Davis pose in gold for a photo.
  2. Members of the junior class are wearing blue for color wars.
  3. Sophomores pose outside the art room, sporting white for colorwars.
  4. The freshman class plays a game of tug-of-war against the junior class Thursday September 26th. They would go on to lose the game.
  5. Members of the senior class play a game of tug-of-war against sophomores. After nearly losing, more seniors would go on to join mid-game to help secure the victory.

Photos by Eduardo Andrade

Posted Oct. 2

Bikers vs. Surfers Gallery

lifebikerssurfers_gaylk 1

Juniors Kiyliee Tillberg and Emilee Kurdziel pose dressed as surfers for Spirit Week.

lifebikerssurfers_gaylk 2

Juniors Tori Baldeo and Shariah Curton grin while hugging each other. They are both dressed as bikers.

lifebikerssurfers_gaylk 3

Senior Christian Santiago gives a slight nod while dressed as a biker.

lifebikerssurfers_gaylk 4

A group of intimidating bikers pose outside the art room.

Photos by Kayla Gayle

Posted Sept. 25

Bonnie and Clyde Monday Gallery



1. Senior Brian Mastrodomenico, senior Ben Bergson and junior Matthew Espinoza pose for a picture. Mastrodomenico dressed up as Barnacle Boy, Bergson dressed up as Mermaid man and Espinoza dressed up as Spongebob. 

2. Jill Samaroo, Loralyn Carlson, Lisa Spencer and Thomas Hudon pose. They dressed as Men In Black.

3. Ismail Mumtaz and Jean Cledet pose as a powerful tennis cinema duo. They were kitted out with the outfit and gear. 

4. Seniors Cristian Juman and Victoria Santa Lucia pose for a picture. They dressed as Mario and Luigi.

Tik Tok Tuesday Gallery


  1. Senior Munisha Doodnauth covers the lunchtime events for TV production. Doodnauth dressed as an egirl for Tik Tok Tuesday.
  2. Freshmen Jasmine Francis and Shea Helton pose for a picture. Francis recreated a Tik Tok meme and Helton dressed as a VSCO girl.
  3. Junior Jacob Girlado and sophomore Rodrigo Ricardo pose after competing in a lunchtime game. Ricardo dressed as a VSCO girl.
  4. Freshmen Gabrielly Machado and Georgia Moberg pose for a picture. Machado and Moberg dressed as Peppa and Georgie Pig.

Photos by Alexis Schatten

Posted Sept. 24

Golf Fundraiser Gallery


Baseball Gallery


  1. Pitcher, Blake Thomas, lines up to prepare to pitch. The team lost its game against North Broward Prep 13-0 on Apr. 11.
  2. Pitcher, Blake Thomas, pitches the ball. The team lost its game against North Broward Prep 13-0 on Apr. 11.
  3. Sophomore Matias Munoz runs to catch a runner. The team lost its game against North Broward Prep 13-0 on Apr. 11.
  4. Junior Riley Skeen prepares to bat. The team lost its game against North Broward Prep 13-0 on Apr. 11.
  5. Junior Jordan Campos hits the ball. The team lost its game against North Broward Prep 13-0 on Apr. 11.

Posted: Apr.22

Photos by Matthew Shanbom

Fallen Heroes Photo Gallery


Photos by: Charlotte Hood

September issue available online

New year, new fence: MSD shooting prompts stronger security at school

September center spread

Exchange students compare security measures overseas

September 2018 back page

Senioritis cure: 4 leaders honored at banquet


Uploaded: May 9, 2018

Listen to your elders!


Uploaded: May 9, 2018

Talented Tornadoes

From the online November issue! Posted: Nov. 16


Humans of Pompano

From the online November issue! Posted: Nov. 16


Navigating through change

From the upcoming October issue! Posted: Oct. 19

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.42.08 PM

Twins Cause Double Takes

From the upcoming October issue! Posted: Oct. 19


The beauty of nature


Nature is the phenomena of the natural, physical or material universe. Daniel Guo is looking at the nature around him and appreciating every moment of it. Photo by Simon Ho

Posted: May 4

The Rotary Youth Exchange


Posted: Apr. 25

Jump into the Spring Crossword

Spring Crossword Puzzle

Graphics by Nicolas Gallardo, design by Christina Matiuk and Maria Suarez

Posted Apr. 7

Coming soon!


Posted: Mar. 14

Tornado Times welcomes International Schools


PBHS welcomes 20 staff members and 61 students from all parts of the world. They will be here from Jan. 22 to Jan. 26. Graphic by Nicolas Gallardo

Lights, camera, action!

Go behind the scenes as drama students prepared for their December show.


Scary Crossword

Here is the Vol .8 No.1 Back Page by Christina Matiuk


Posted: Nov. 2

Be Scared, Be Very Scared

Here is the Vol.8 No.1 Front Page by Nicolas Gallardo


Posted: Nov. 2

Hurricane Matthew may postpone Homecoming event


Golden Tornadoes win regional semifinal against Somerset Panthers

The baseball team wins the regional semifinal against Somerset on May 3, 5-1. The boys defeated Somerset three times this season, including a 12-5 victory for the district championship. The boys (20-8) will play in the regional final next Tuesday, May 10. “The other team was talking a lot of smack, but it was a good game!” senior second baseman Bobby Aseere said..

Photos by Madison Steinkamp

Pompano Beach student nominated for ‘Best of the Best’ award


Senior Rebekah Garretson was awarded one of the top three pictures in the Nature Photo category of the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) Spring Digital competition. The above photo, taken by Garretson, was announced to be an “All Florida” quality photo and is a finalist for the “Best of the Best” award in her category of the spring digital contest.

Got it!


Junior Ty’Anna Stevens catches the ball against Archbishop McCarthy on March 9. The flag football team lost the game.

Photo by Sabrina Chery

Cars for a cause: Pompano hosts car show

Photos by Rebekah Garretson

Baseball season batters up!


Centerspread by Rebekah Garretson

Water Polo players make some waves

sarah (1)

Sophomore Sarah Gurdis, number 2, sets up to shoot a goal in the Feb. 23 match against Westminster Academy. Water polo is a new sport this year at the school.

Photo by Garrett Moore

‘Clue’ comes to life: Thespian’s stage murder mystery

Photos courtesy of Mr. Henderson.

Exchange of culture:Chinese and American


Four of the girls who participated in Chongquing Fudan Secondary School’s trip to New York and South Florida learn about the differences in American and Chinese culture. Both PBHS students and students from China expressed their surprises and what they were excited to learn about in each others cultures.

Photo by Rebekah Garretson.

Posted Feb. 12

Sunny steps into the Sunshine State


Senior Rebekah Garretson poses with her shadow, Cheng Zi Yao, also known as “Sunny,” from Fudan High School in Chongqing, China. Sunny was one of 12 students visiting from China for the week of Feb. 1-4.

Photo by Rebekah Garretson

Senior spirit sparks school pride


Senior Girls flaunt their school spirit on Thursday in gold before the pep rally. Pictured from left to right is Paradise Rattray, Rachel Banks, Mackenzie Gomez, Reese McFarlane, Colleen Smith, Gabby Esposito, and Courtney Justice.

Photo by Reese McFarlane

Fish puppies all adopted

Although Phantom found his forever home, Ms. Fish is still fostering Melody. Melody and her brother Jasper will continue to visit PBHS with Ms. Fish twice a week.

Photo by Melanie Trump.

JROTC honors Veterans

Senior Michelle Velez and juniors Chelsea Keeton and Renee Innocent participate in the JROTC Veterans Day ceremony by holding the flag and waiting for it to be cut. JROTC invited numerous veterans from around Broward County to attend the ceremony on Nov. 10.

Photo by Joao De Moura

Fish fosters puppies

Phantom, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix puppy, is being fostered by guidance counselor Ms. Fish, along with his siblings Melody and Jasper, in an effort to find their “forever homes.” Ms. Fish originally brought all three dogs to school, but she only brings one at time now due to the size of each dog. She brings the dogs approximately twice a week so that they can become accustomed to human interaction. She is fostering the dogs through Little Paws of Love, a nonprofit organization.

Photo by Melanie Trump.

Tornadoes take on China


From the October 2015 issue of the Tornado Times.

Tornado Trick-or-Treat Mad Libs

Tornados Trick-or-Treat Mad Libs

Tornado Trick-or-Treat Mad Libs. Graphic by Reese McFarlane and Rebekah Garretson. Don’t forget to share your creations with us!

From the October 2015 issue of the Tornado Times.

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