To infinity and beyond

Senior earns pilot license

Regan Dorval, Junior News Editor

Senior Brendan Cooper’s flight test for his private pilot license was a success, even though he hit a bird. 

“I did have a run-in with a bird on the way back that came out of nowhere and dented the wing,” Cooper said. “At the time we barely noticed it because I handled it in a way that prioritized safety. I ended up landing the plane back at the airport and left with my license in hand.”

Cooper’s dreams of flying continue beyond the license. He recently got accepted at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where he plans to major in aeronautical science. 

“While there I plan on doing internships and eventually making my way into the commercial airline industry after graduation,” Cooper said.

He said that when preparing for the flight test, two people prepared him for success.

“My flight instructor- who held me above standard and made sure I wouldn’t just succeed, but excel,” Cooper said. “and (computer science teacher Lamberto) Roscioli who put up with all of my flight-related questions and gave me a lot of tips about flying.”

Roscioli said he encouraged Cooper because of their shared passion for aviation and his belief that anyone can be a pilot. 

“I just hope that other students see aviation as a potential career,” Roscioli said. “I think both of those avenues could be very rewarding, challenging, but also very well-paying positions that are there. With aviation, similar to computer science, if you have it in you, then that’s the right thing to do.”