2 debaters qualify for finals of Nova Titan

Amaya Gonzales , Staff Intern

Sophomores Yash Upadhyay and Dhara Patel made it all the way to the finals at the annual Nova Titan Invitational, held October 8-9, 2022 in Davie. 

“I do basic research involving the category and socialize with other students pertaining to the debate,” Upadhyay said. “I then use that information to do my best when speaking.”

Upadhyay and Patel both competed in congressional debate, with Upadhyay scoring second in the final round.

The event was sponsored by the National Speech and Debate Association and offered competition to some of the top students in the region. The team captains, seniors Ryan Gans (debate) and Keerthana Madhu (speech), have implemented new goals for their 2022-2023 season: to “increase the amount of basic knowledge of the real world and current events throughout the nation and school’s population,” Gans said.

The next varsity tournament will be Nov. 5, at Deerfield High School.