School cracks down on tardies

By Drew Mogavero, Staff Intern

The school implemented the Operation On Time program at the beginning of the fourth quarter to deal with students’ tardies.

“This time last quarter we had over 100 students with 5 or more tardies,” behavior specialist Rojesterman Farris said. “Now with the program in place we have a total of 23 students.” 

Senior Kyle Adams wondered why administration started this program at the end of the year.

“I think the program is a great idea,” Adams said. “I just wished they could have waited until the start of next school year.”

Farris said the change in procedures was needed.

“It has been getting out of control,” Farris said. “Classroom time is limited as students get to only see their teachers two times a week max. Missing class time can be detrimental to our students’ education.”

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