War at Home

How the war in Ukraine will affect student’s daily lives back in Florida

By Tanner Block, Sports Editor

While Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions that the US and major European countries have placed on Russia will have noticeable consequences on the US population, including students who attend this school.

Russia is a major exporter of oil, accounting for a significant portion of US imports. Because of this, gas prices all around the country continue to increase, already breaking highs from earlier in the pandemic. This results in students who normally drive to school alone opting to carpool so they do not have to deal with the record high gas prices at the moment.

Not only this, but students at school will also have to pay even more for goods and school supplies. The current rise in oil prices will make exporting and importing goods more costly, and producers will make up for this by raising prices.

Finally, and much less likely, an escalation in the war in which NATO gets involved with the conflict in Ukraine means that students in school who are 18 and who are in Selective Service might be drafted if the president and Congress agree to call a draft. While this step is a very unlikely possibility, it could still affect some students if this scenario turns into reality.

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