Juniors prepare for SAT

By Maddi Elder, Staff Intern

Juniors crammed up until March 2, when the SAT was administered at school.

“For the SAT I study whenever I can,” junior Stephanie Elder said. “I have to find time to do mostly everything: eat, sleep, do my homework, and even have a personal life. It is tedious and tiring, I swear I have gone to bed around 1 sometimes, but in the end, I am confident that I will get a good score.”

Junior Evan Werth is grateful for the SAT class offered on Fridays.

“It is helpful for many that haven’t been preparing on their own,” Werth said. “We do a bunch of testing and go over a few questions.”

During these classes, students actively learn and apply strategies, spending two hours each on math and reading. Teachers impose time limits to resemble testing and then go over incorrect answers.

“The practice we do resembles the PSAT,” junior Elijah Williams said.

Werth said the Friday classes were effective.

“ I’ve improved tremendously,” he said.

Junior Christian Briceno was less enthused. “I think the factuality could do more to help with parts of the SAT, but I do see an effort in attempting to,” Briceno said.

Werth also provided tips on dealing with the stress of such an important test.

“Taking deep breaths and relaxing will help,” he said. “Make sure that you have a confident posture and believe you know the answer to every question. If you panic, take a minute or two, you have time.”

[3] Next year, the SAT will be online on computers. Sophomore Isabella Tassanelli is not looking forward to it.

“I don’t want to be the experiment for the first time, but I don’t really have a choice,” Tassanelli said. “I still hope for the SAT to be the same, but worried because there could be computer problems and such.”



What are your thoughts on next year’s online SAT?

“The SAT being online next year will probably be very similar to when the FSA turned online. Some people will like it, others will have to adapt. Personally, I will like it because I am more used to a screen and doing a bunch of assignments online. It will definitely be interesting.” -Evan Werth, junior

“I’m excited to see how it’s going to be. I want to try something and see if it raises my score in any way.” -Christian Briceno, junior

Avoid question headlines

This sentence doesn’t make sense.

These quotes seem to have nothing to do with SATs.

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