‘Streets’ doesn’t live up to promise

By Brody Berrios, News Editor  

One of the most wonderful things about Star Wars is the series imagines day-to-day life in that universe. 

On Tatooine, its clear mundane life might include buying water and looking out for raiders (Tusken or otherwise) on the horizon. In “The Streets of Mos Espa,” glimpses of relatively urbane Tatooine continue to give the galaxy far, far away the sort of color and texture you can imagine living in. 

But as Boba Fett attempts to create a power base in Mos Espa’s underworld goes on, the actual events feel more like a shopping list than an adventure with everyday life implied on the side. 

Boba still struggles to keep a hold on his criminal territory. When a water monger comes to him with complaints about a biker gang, he discovers the bikers are down-on-their luck kids and hires them. A brief return to the flashbacks shows Boba learning to negotiate on behalf of the Tuskens but ends with a more violent lesson: the tribe slaughtered in revenge. 

I want to like the show, but the decision to decimate the Tusken tribe Boba had been made an honorary member of is both an obvious and lazy one. 

Barely any time is dedicated to their deaths, but I guess they’d served their purpose to bring the bounty hunter back from the brink and show his heroic side. Now their murders simply add pathos to his journey and push his plot forward while their names are lost in the ether. 

“The Streets of Mos Espa” is a flat return to Tatooine that spends so much time setting up future plot points it only skims the surface of new and established character development. Still, Morrison’s plain-speaking, humane anti-hero keeps you endeared to Boba’s story. 

2 stars out of 5

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