Social studies class goes all out for Black History Month

By Daniella Forrester, Staff Intern

Students in Richard Nagy’s African American Studies class came together Jan. 28 to set up displays and posters of historic Black events and Black people.

“It was really fun to volunteer and help set up the posters and stuff,” freshman Sakina Robateau said.

The second floor hallway, including Nagy’s classroom door, is currently covered with drawings, instruments, a record player along with vinyls that play music, and pictures dedicated to Black culture.

While setting up, Nagy made sure everything was in place and to his liking, after making it clear how important the appearance of the makeshift museum was.

Videos explaining Black history are on replay as teachers bring their study hall classes to view the makeshift museum.

Discussions about Black history also took place over the past month, during meetings held by the Black Student Union club, under Nagy’s supervision.

The club’s meetings included plans of a spirit week specifically for the Black students of the school, and a movie night dedicated to an important movie in the Black community. “If they ever did have the movie night, I would definitely go,” freshman Dahnielie Verrett said.

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