Beginning the end

‘Book of Boba’ drops blah episode

By Brian Tang, Opinion Editor

3 out of 5 stars

After much anticipation, “The Book Of Boba Fett” (on Disney Plus) keeps the same energy from the previous episodes, with great acting from the main actors and the steady storyline that the show keeps. The latest episode focuses on the final chapter of Fett’s journey as he finds his identity, but with cliche scenes and dialogue. The overall plot of this episode was incredibly predictable with no plot twists that could possibly spice up the story.

This episode was situated with mostly a flashback, detailing how Fett saved Fennec Shand and recruited her to join his monarchy. The flashback also details Fett’s quest to avenge his tribesmen, search his armor, and retake his ship, the Firesprite (previously known as the Slave 1). 

Personally, the search for Fett’s armor was a part of the story that didn’t need to be added, with episode 1 showing that Fett could have easily understood that his armor was taken from others, not the Sarlacc pit. 

In addition, the vengeance of the Tusken raiders seemed like an afterthought, with less of a minute of screen time given to the massacre. 

The setting of the flashback was bland and dark, making scenes much less interesting and discernable. Of the flashback, the most interesting scene was that of the mod shop with its vibrant colors and high tech, a very different scene from the rest of the episode.

The rest of the episode seemed fodder just to fill screen time. The major scene in the non-flashback was a political scene, with Fett meeting with the family leaders of Mos Espa. In addition, there was a fight scene with the Wookie Black Krrsantan brutally maiming several Trandoshians, leading up to the cliche of Fett recruiting him. 

Another cliche that could have been predicted from a mile away, the family leaders in the meeting rejected helping Fett in his war with the Pykes, but accepted remaining neutral. 

Overall, this episode progressed the story of the series, but the design left something to be desired.

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