Netflix’s star filled comedy movie is a certified hit

By Tanner Block, Sports Editor

“Don’t Look Up,” Netflix’s new comedic drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence where their characters try to save the Earth from an incoming asteroid that will wipe out the entire planet, provides a satirical outlook on climate change and how  people on the “top” will allow the planet to be destroyed for a little profit. While having some pacing issues and some pretty jarring transitions, it is still a great end of year hit that would fill a lot of movie theaters if it wasn’t on the streaming giant.

The biggest characteristic this movie has is its cast. This cast is probably one of the most, if not the biggest, star-laden movie outside of some Marvel flicks. The acting in this movie is on point. Every actor/actress believes in the script (besides Jonah Hill, who brought some hilarious improv and was the funniest character in the movie) and delivered as such.

The style of editing was something that was entertaining to watch. Adam McKay, the director, decided to once again go for his known style: fourth-wall breaks and imagery that disconnects the audience from the film. This style of editing is always refreshing to see, and it works even better than in his other, more drama-centered movies.

The movie did lose some sense of coherence at the end, and it could have been made shorter. Sometimes scenes drag out longer than they should and other times the subject matter is just too played out. Still, these periods of dull monotony were filled with great acting and some decent writing, so it wasn’t too mind-numbingly boring.

In all, with the star studded cast and personality, the film had really brought out some special moments, and while the film could generally drag on at times, the movie was another neat comedy to add to Netflix’s growing line of good movies.

4 out of 5 Stars

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