Ryan rocks ‘Red’ beyond Rock’s ruin

4/5 Stars

By Tanner Block, Sports Editor

“Red Notice,” a comedy-action flick starring Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is a brand new movie released solely on Netflix. 

While many critics see the movie with indifferent reviews, I see the movie as a fun comedy movie that you will enjoy if you just relax and don’t expect much from the film

The best part about the movie had to be Ryan Reynolds. While he and Johnson are supposed to be two lead actors, Ryan easily had one of his best performances in this film. His delivery is great and his comedy is always super funny. His character was also the only one who was fleshed out in the script, so he was able to play that part of his job pretty easily.

Johnson, on the other hand, didn’t have exactly the best performance ever. Then again, he isn’t used in the film industry for anything more than a subpar actor who can probably generate some money in the box office.

The comedy in the film was excellent. A lot of jokes landed in this film, which is something that a lot of Netflix produced comedies can not say. Even the action set pieces that splice up the comedy were great, another quality that Netflix films haven’t seemed to hit the nail on recently.

The weakest part of the film had to have been the first act. While the opening scene was pretty fun, the rest of the act is incredibly dull and is paced very poorly to the rest of the film. I think the film crawled at a snail’s pace and the act was probably in the film for the sake of having to fill time.

All in all, I think this movie is a very fun Sunday night family flix that is held together by its star performance from Ryan Reynolds. This is one of the better movies in Netflix’s catalog and I wouldn’t mind rewatching this again.

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