Ping Pong comes to Pompano

Many students are very excited about the Ping Pong Club, a staple of the school that was finally reinstated this year.

“It might be the impression that we are a new club, but we have been around for at least four or five years” Spanish teacher Luis Pico Beauchamp, club sponsor, said. “We just recently reinstated the club.”

The new Ping Pong club has been incredibly popular since it was reinstated, with over 70 members who come to every meeting. 

While it hasn’t been exactly smooth sailing, many consider the club to be a huge success and a great way to pass time.

“Some of the challenges of starting the club have been keeping everybody controlled and tugging equipment around,” senior Nate Plancarte, captain at the Ping Pong club, said.

The club is hoping to participate in competitions, some of which may be hosted at school.

“We are communicating with other schools to set it up,” Plancarte said.

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