New club offers taste for traveling

By Brian Tang, Opinion Editor

A new club created this year, the Grand Turismo Club, lets members travel to various locations on Fridays. Junior Keanu Silva is the president of the club with advisor Luis “Pico Beauchamp.

“School doesn’t need to be taught in school,” Silva said. “We can go anywhere, and find anything to be able to be taught.”

The Grand Turismo Club wants to forward the idea of students traveling to areas where they can potentially learn more about the area and help students connect in a way that they usually cannot in school.

“The first trip is in January because we’re waiting for more people,” Pico said. “We’re hoping for people to join after the first trip to Orlando.”

The club takes place every Monday in Portable One. The membership fee is $15. 

“I want by the end of the school year for there to be 30 to 40 members,” Silva said. “We also want everybody to know that this club exists.”

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