Judd wins the school’s Teacher of the Year 

By Brian Tang, Opinion Editor

Michael Judd, the physical education teacher, was announced as the teacher of the year as nominated by his peers during spirit week. Judd has been a teacher for 20 years and was the previous coach for the swim team.

“Honestly, It felt nice to be recognized,” Judd said. “Especially since this school is so focused on academics.”

Junior Yigit Uzuner echoed the choice, supporting the decision.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise,” Uzuner said. “I can see why he won the teacher of the year position.”

Judd believes that he received such nominations because of how he goes about his life and relationships with others. 

“I try to listen to people, get to know them, and I’m fairly easy to get along with,” Judd said. “I want to make everyone’s life a little easier, be it administrators or students.”

Judd retired as the swim coach last season to focus more on his family. 

“I’ve been helping other parents’ children swim for so long,” Judd said. “I think it’s time I start helping my own kids swim.”

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