Halloween do’s and don’ts

By Alisha Durosier, Student Life editor 

With Halloween swiftly approaching, participants are starting to prepare for the haunted holiday. Halloween should be a time for fun and cherishable moments, making it imperative that all participants enjoy Halloween safely, responsibly and respectfully.

To ensure safety, whether you are trick or treating or attending an event, do not travel alone, it leaves one vulnerable to danger. Specifically, people with ill intentions tend to target those who appear to be alone, so make sure you travel with a trusted group of people. Also be sure to inspect the treats and goodies you receive, as well as the people/places you are receiving it from. This use of discernment will allow you to make sure that you do not come in contact with elements that will harm your body. 

It is also crucial that those participating in Halloween be culturally sensitive when choosing your costumes. One should not wear attire that is culturally significant or with the intention of depicting a racial or cultural stereotype. Also dressing up as members of groups known for perpetuating hateful ideas against those of a specific race or culture is discouraged. 

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