Lunch time slowed by long lines

By: Mila DeRose, Staff Intern

The time it takes to get school lunch is occupying most of students’ lunch time. 

Freshman Gabriel Uribe says he doesn’t get food in time and that there are “just not enough employees.” 

The lines are so long, they block the microwaves and consist of almost 50 students at one time waiting. 

Substitute teacher and tennis coach Dominic Messano, who has been working here for 10 years, lets the students out a little earlier for lunch so they have enough time to eat. 

“Either they have to improve how they distribute the food, make that quicker or add 15 more minutes,” Messano said. 

Sophomore Sophia Ribeiro believes that opening the rest of the lines at lunch will help quicken the food distribution. Uribe said if that happened, he would be assured of eating his lunch during lunch. 

“My inconvenience was that the line was a little too long and I had class,” Uribe said.

Messano said that the school should just replace the broken microwaves to reduce the lines for the few working ones. 

“I see about 10-15 kids waiting at a time just to use the microwaves, which is an act that can’t be quicker,” Messano said. “So, the four or so broken microwaves should be replaced.“

Ribeiro said she would change “everything” about school lunch, including the way it tastes. She also said there isn’t enough variety for the students, even though the cafeteria offers options for dietary and allergy restrictions

“Change the food, I think there should be different types of food,” Uribe said.

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