JROTC hosts 9/11 Ceremony

By Sharior Cosmo, Staff Intern

ROTC hosted a 9/11 ceremony in the gymnasium on Sept. 9 to honor those that died during the September 11th attacks 20 years ago.

JROTC senior Army instructor Lt. Col. Gregory Johnson managed the cadets who performed the ceremony.

“It was different from previous years,” Johnson said. “In previous years, we would do the ceremonies in the big gym. However, this year because of COVID-19 we scaled down the 9/11 program.”

A challenge Johnson and the JROTC class faced was having very little time to practice for the event. 

“Originally, because of the low time frame of four weeks to put on the program, we were going to write off the program,” Johnson said. “As time got closer, we realised that we had to do something for the 20th anniversary. So, the goal was to do a program to honor the special day even if it is smaller than what we usually do.”

The short amount of preparation time was noticed by the students performing.

Senior Ashley Oliveira, a battalion commander, said , “I wish we had more time to practice for the event, because that way, we could have given a better performance.” 

Even though the JROTC class faced various challenges, cadets were still able to put out a performance that they were satisfied with. 

“I was proud of them for putting on a first class program with a limited amount of time to prepare for it,” Johnson said. “They did a very good job!” 

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