Skater boy spreads positivity

By Olivia Rapp, Staff Intern

Freshman Coby Barbarosh enjoys lifting others’ spirits through his humorous personality.

He enrolled in journalism so he could have a place to voice his enlightening words and aid in improving the outlook on life of his audience.

“Student publications are a fantastic way to communicate with peers,” Barbarosh said. “Making people laugh makes life a little more fun and puts people in a better mood.”

He is taking the opportunity in journalism to further express himself. Barbarbosh eagerly awaits to revive an old hobby, photography, during his journalism journey.

“I used to be the photographer of the family,” he said. “I want to do it for school because I am good at it.”

He plans to convey positive messages through his writings for the school as well.

“I like to write stories that are relevant to my peers,” Barbarbosh said. “Students should be heard.”

Barbarosh is all for living a tranquil, laid-back life.

Skateboarding consumes the majority of Barbarbosh’s free time. He said his favorite place to be is “at the skatepark with friends.”

Not only is Barbarbosh passionate about skateboarding, but he is also skilled at it. Having started in February 2020, he can perform various tricks from ollies to kickflips. He does not intend to stop anytime soon.

“I continue to work to improve my talent,” he said.

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