School should return to the net

By Brian Tang, Opinion Editor

School should return to being online as COVID-19 cases spike once again in Florida, especially now that school is in-person. The daily average cases are over 6,000 and daily deaths are in the hundreds as stated by

As children return to school, child coronavirus cases have doubled while instructors are also subject to infection. Since school has started, 10 children have died with a total of 17 from the very beginning of the pandemic.

So far, at least 15 Florida school teachers have died of coronavirus, and some school counties such as Hillsborough have thousands of students and hundreds of teachers testing positive for COVID-19.

Amid such conditions, it would be almost foolhardy to not return to web-based schooling. The previous school year had mainly online schooling with fewer cases than now.

Also, due to Governor Ron Desantis’ mask mandate, masks are not required in schools making it far more dangerous as some students chose not to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Therefore, it’s much safer for schooling to return to a web based learning environment as safety is more important than interaction with others.

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